[Book Review] Contrive: To Create or Bring About by Jay Hope

Two for the price of one” *laugh a little* Hi everyone. Two reviews in one day? What’s up with that? I just have to put this out there too and the fact that I couldn’t upload last week due to internet breaking down *growls softly because of it*

This is a book that I just couldn’t help myself and bought as soon as I found the author on Instagram. The premise was very good and I needed something military so I went for it after little thought about the price… of course… I don’t always do that.

What finally drove me to it was that Jay Hope posted a picture of the tittle for the 5th installment of this series and I just have to read that when it’s done because I just LOVE bad guys points of view.

As soon as I said that I wanted to read it I just knew I have to get my hands on the complete series, of course. So far just one book but my fingers are itching, so I stay the hell away from Amazon… for now…

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Contrive: To Create or Bring About

by Jay Hope

Altered Series (Book #1)

Military Fantasy Erotic Romance published July 3rd, 2014

Another titles in the series: Adapt: To Modify for a Different Purpose, Diversify: To Make or Become more Varied; Encompass: To Enclose, Envelop.

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Faith Meyers packs her car and heads to her sister’s house in San Diego looking to put some distance between her and her possessive ex in hopes that he’ll move on and forget about her. Faith looks forward to meeting her brother-in-laws SEAL team, but not in her wildest dreams could she have known the friendship, and possibly even love, that she’d find in them. When she and the sexy team leader are hit it off, she’s warned to stay away from him and knows that he has a dark secret. As her ex becomes more and more psychotic, the sexy SEAL’s protection is exactly what she needs, but will he turn out to be just as psycho?

Wil Walker is a SEAL and chosen to be a part of the GES Project (Genetically Engineered SEAL). He’s regretted that decision every second of every day since. Wil has finally begun regaining a little control when a SEAL team member’s sister-in-law shows up, wreaking havoc on his system. He knows he should stay away from her, for her own safety as well as his, but he’s drawn to her in a way that he’s never experienced before. To make matters worse, she needs his protection. Will he keep her safe from one man only to put her in more danger from another?

My thoughts on Contrive

First and foremost: What a cleaver way to give a book its tittle! Honestly, I have never in my life seen someone use that kind of… I don’t even know how to call it. Just like you just took the definition of the word and put it as a tittle and it goes extremely well with the book.

Lets dive into the actual book with the world building which was just as contemporary as it can get and it goes very well with the idea of the military to get its soldiers to go thru some DNA experiments to create stronger soldiers. We have seen this idea in movies or books before but that just makes the idea more easy to the reader to grasp like something that it’s kind of possible, not far-fetched at all sort of speak.

William… what do you want me to say about him, ladies and gentleman’s. He was hot, strong, big, muscular, overprotective, with a temper to match the result of his DNA mutation. At the same time he was attentive, sweet, caring, responsable, level-headed (when it was important)… did I mention already that he was hot? *smiles*

Faith. She is strong, stubborn and let me tell you I wanted to be like her in some ways (nothing to do with the fact that she was with a hot SEAL) but I’m not so… Moving on… She is no baby or weak woman, no señor, she know what she wants, she fights for it, she won’t just give up and she is as cleaver as you can imagine.

The relationship between the two main characters was really good. I like the way he manage the things he was going thru, the need to keep the secret of his situation, the way that he just couldn’t, for the life of him, stay away from Faith even when he wanted to badly, for her sake. She just kept pushing him, and pushing him, standing her ground when he was stupid enough to not fight for her just yet.

The main plot was very, very interesting. I’m curious to know who got scars on his face courtesy of Hollywood’s claws *laughs a little evilly* Also I want to know for what government that person works or if it’s personal and how the fuck did the evil guy knew about the experiments. And who were the other infiltrated people who were giving out information from the home base and all that.

I said to Jay Hope on Instagram one thing. I loved Kyle story. He is one of the main three that were the first ones to go thru with the experiment and the fact that he was missing for so long, what happened to him, how the bad guys found him and how the team got him back. I’m a sucker for that kind of guys on books most of the time and the fact that his DNA mutation it’s a water based one that I don’t see often enough… that just sealed the deal for me.

This was not Kyle’s book though. Will and Faith are the main focal point of this romance story and I have to admit that the way he fought his beast just to be around her; the jelousy that he felt and the way he was so intune with his animal side was great. It did surprise me the after efects that mating with her had in both of them but it was an truly cool way to keep track of a mate when she was in danger.

There are a whole lot of other character to talk about, like Bam Bam and Nico, the dynamic duo that I just really adored. Specially Bodhi, he was just so cute and happy and so loud. A great best friend/protector material. Faith’s sister Carmen and her husband were a romantic and strong couple in the book, and I love the way it was portrait how the two of them worked together. The last sister just left me questioning a few things and for the love of God, give me a menage between Bam Bam, Jayden and Nico in the next book! *laugh out loud a lot*

The writing in the book was simple, in the way that I just found one word I didn’t quite grasp but it was a new vocabulary for me so it was not a big deal and from context I understood. Even though, I did look it up on the dictionary just to remember in case I see it again. It comes with the territory of ready books in English and also I always have to remember that it depends from where the author is, because that influences in the writing and the words he or she uses.

Just to be completely honest in this review I have to mention that there was some parts where I just felt it was not so realistic, speaking about the purely human characters of course. I’m talking specifically about some of Faith’s reactions with the bad guys and again when she was trying to stop Bam Bam from checking her to make sure she didn’t bled out or something while waiting for Will to get out of that building. She is really hard-headed, I get that, but it was a little too much for me…

Do I recommend this book?

Definitively, Yes!

Like I think I’ve said before, a great romance. The sub-plot about the government experiment, the results of it, the bad guys wanting to duplicate the experiment and all that was a very cleaver spin with the shifters. If you like military/SEAL men that are part of a government experiment to mutate their DNA and a great deal of romance with the guy fighting to protect the girl from himself and the girl just pushing him to the brink of sanity *small laughs* you will have a blast with this book.


She loves the man he is, and his monster, as you call it, is part of him. She accepts him, not as two halves but as one whole. When we fall for someone, we have to love all of them. We don’t get to just pick the pieces that we think are the best.

Love’s risky and people are selfish, putting their own needs before others. For love to last it needs to be selfless. I’ve always though that if you didn’t love someone enough to put their needs before your own then you shouldn’t be with them in the first place.


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For being the first book of a series this book got me so hooked up with the story that I stay up until 3:37 am to try to finish it, just to end up going to sleep 3 or 5 chapters before the ending, and getting up to read it all before breakfast…

Not many books can make me do that 😉

Have you read this book?

Read it and come back so we can talk about it!

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