[Book Review] Broken Love by L. Harvey

I got my hands on this book thanks to J.C. Grant on Instagram, she was featuring a picture of the cover of this one and it just grab my attention. I don’t know what it was but by the look of it, I had to have it. I look it up and bought it, even faster, after I’ve read the synopsis.

It took me a couple of weeks before I actually sit and read this. I needed to be in a certain head space or something but… I read the first page and I went to IG to post a picture of the quote I got and then I just ate this baby up and down!

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Broken Love

by L. Harvey

The Illusion Series (Book #1)

Contemporary Erotic Romance publish date October 1st, 2015

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

The devil does not come at night from the pits of hell with red horns and a pointy tale, he came as everything I could have wished for from the chambers of his own torture. But whilst my demons pushed me towards him, his forced him to revel against me. – Lily

Control was the epitome in a world as warped as mine but now I was stronger than my past could ever be.

There was no such thing as love.

There was no such thing as hope.

So why couldn’t I let her go? One kiss that was all it took and now I would find a way, anyway, to own her. – Roman

Will Lily finally flee the wounds of her haunting past long enough to save Roman from his self destructive dystopia or will they both forever be broken in love?

This is no love story, this it the tragic telling of how two souls so willingly helped destroy each other.

My thoughts on Broken Love

I started reading this with a little apprehension, and I’m being honest here people! The synopsis and my own ideas about the story just wouldn’t leave me alone… First page into it and I was IN-TO-IT!!

This was an emotional roller coaster ride for me, no question about it.

Lily it’s broken and scared for life with multiple disorders that she has to deal with every day. She is like us readers, she loves to believe in the idea of love that we read in books, that all consuming ever lasting love. She has a very interesting mind *cofcofhonestcofcof* She has live with that way of viewing love and that has brought troubles to her doorstep, because she thinks love can conquer all, even a broken soul. Roman was a heavily broken one and she didn’t knew how deep she will fall and how hurt she will be because of him.

Roman it’s a dark soul and I have no other words to describe him better. He was so broken, so damaged and so set on revenge that it was scary. But I manage to understand him and empathize with him, even more, when I learned who was Ava for him, and the role she played in his life. Everything he did, every move was for her, with her in mind and Lily was so much like her that I was dying to know if Ava was an old girlfriend or something, but she wasn’t and that was a killer blow…

The whole relationship between them was crazy wrong from the get go, you could see the coalition before it happened and boy it did, fast… Oh… And for the love of the Devil, it was scorching smoking HOT! I want it more at each page that I turned because for me it made no sence and at the same time, it made sence… Do you understand me? Probably I don’t make much sence, but blame it to L. Harvey and her book because… I just can’t make sence after reading such a book.

Almost made me cry a couple of times. I didn’t know what was better at one point: they being together or they being apart. Roman was an asshole to Lily and she stood her ground the best she could. Also the pain, it was so vivid, so raw, the emotions where just in plain site and it was impossible not to get them under your own skin while reading how they deal with their own traumas from the past and demons.

The thing that got me the most was the thought process that the characters had during the story. It was sometimes contradictory to themself, like Lily trying to make herself believe she was not being clingy… or Roman… oh Lucifer! When he saw the amount of messages, missed calls and voice messages that she left and he smiles about it… *resembles a fish out of water* I was just… my jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe it!!

The more I think about it, the more I see things that I didn’t before. This book portrayed the craze of love in a great way. People compare being in love with being blind, well… read this book and you will see at which extend someone in love can go just to be in the other persons life. Two broken people can find love but not before they destroy each other and left their partner raw with emotions and almost to the point of breaking completely.

The ending was so good! OMG, it was really good and I hope with all my heart that Lucy write more about this couple on some other instalments of the series, because I can feel it in my bones, they are not done!

For being a first novel I have to say that Lucy Harvey did and outstanding job. There are little books lately in this genre that are quite this good. I love it, I have a great time reading it and I will do it again probably at some point.

Do I Recommend This Book?

Ohh… Yeah! Damn it!

Beautiful, passionate, breathtaking and heart-wrenching amazing! I have to warning you thou, not for light-hearted people… Nop… This book it’s so great that you will be hanging on for dear life for the emotional ride you will get for sure, from beginning to end.

You want to see what two broken souls can do to one another? Try to deceived yourself into thinking that you won’t fall in love? Or that you can resist the hot darkness that burns inside of those eyes when they look at you? You think you can live without the light that sneaks into you life? Roman and Lily try to stay away, just to end up where they belong…


Love was a chaotic journey dissembling all in its path luring victims into the powerful over bearing emotion, convincing them they could not survive without it.

All that lies in here is darkness. Disturbing darkness and that’s all I will ever be – Roman.

I would pull her out of anything to have her close.

What? Where did that come from? – Roman.


Shakespeare was my teacher and he taught me life was not going to be about the end result, there was no such thing as a happy ending. It was the bridge that was to be lived for. – Lily


Looking back at our distorted time together living in this emotional whirlwind, who would have thought we would survive the odds.


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It was a crazy roller coaster of emotions for me and I would go on the same ride again because I came out feeling different, like I learned something about life, about relationships, about people who are broken but are able to still function and live… I’m not a fan of Dixon or his girl but I’m waiting for the next book to be out because I will grab it, no doubt about it 😀



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