[Book Review] I Am Mercy by Mandi Lynn

I have to say, it was a huge surprise for me to find an email from Mandi Lynn with an ARC of this book when I check my account Wednesday September 9th. To say I was shocked would be the understatement of the year. You’ll see… I have not yet received an ARC like this and when I apply to try for “I Am Mercy”, after the cover release I’ve made, I really wasn’t expecting to get it!

Top that with the fact that I have been following Mandi on Youtube since before Essence, her first novel, was out to the public. You can imagine how lucky I felt. And the day next to that I was drowning myself in “I Am Mercy” until the wee hours of the night until I finished it. That was on September 12th, just so you all know *laughs*

The reason why it took me a little while to post this is because I want it to get the review a little closer to the end of October, considering the book it’s being released thru Amazon on October 30th of 2015. And I know how it feels to read a good review from a book that it’s not yet out there to get your hands on… so…

I can’t wait anymore. So here it is, with all my love to Mandi. And with this words to her, I leave you with the review of “I Am Mercy”: Mandi… You better get me some Garren on your next book!!


Amazon * Goodreads

(Prequel of Essence)

Historical Fantasy publish date October 31st, 2015

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Imagine living every day, knowing your family doesn’t love you. Imagine living a life in a world that looks at you as a curse. In 14th century France Aida is accused of being a witch when the Black Death wipes through her village. Abandoned by her family she is surrounded by death and disease, but when a woman who may actually be a witch tells her how to cure the plague it may mean uncovering a dark magic. But if that means being able to save those you love, wouldn’t you do it? Even if they didn’t love you back?

My thoughts on I Am Mercy

This was Mandi Lynn second book, I haven’t read Essence yet but I devoured this book. That says a lot and I really enjoyed it to the fullest. I couldn’t put it down for more than the strictly necessary (eating and other human necessities, which are anoying when you are reading).

Aura de Luna it’s our main character. She was born under special circumstances and she wasn’t a wanted baby in her family. Thru all her life you can notice the way her family treats her and, even worst, when inexplicable events are happening in town her father just blames her. You can feel the rejection and the pain that this cause her.

The way Mandi was telling the story it was without any type of cover from the hardship of the kind of world and time this was set in at the beginning. She really did her job as an author, I believe, and researched because I felt like I was standing there, watching the events unfold. The physical and psychological strings tied in this book were outstandingly great, for me. You could see the book in your mind, the way of life, the old school mentality (which annoyed the crap out of me, but I agree it was like that before), the pain and sadness, the unfairness, all of it, you could taste it if you wanted too.

It’s hard for me not talk about the plot twists of this story that left me with my mouth hanging open when I figured them out, because they were just that good people, honestly, I couldn’t believe I didn’t catch on them before. There are so many things I want to say and I can’t! I won’t spoil the book for the reader but it’s SO HARD to keep quiet when there was so many great things that I just want to talk about and share *thinks for a few minutes* maybe I will make a youtube video with spoiler review and let it all out *smiles a little at the thought*

There were other characters in the book that were essential to what was going on. Like the baby Aura took with her when she was already an essence. The friends she made around the crystal waters for many years, that taught her a lot. But none of them stood so high like Garren to me, because of the betrayal and the fact that he did what he did out of love for someone else, and he was there to actually explain thing to Luna after all and, to help her find some balance.

The ending brought me to tears, pages before it actually was the ending of the book. This is NOT a romance novel, but my mind was shouting “How can you fall in love and don’t know that you are? How can you fall in love when you can’t _ _ _ _ at all?!” There wasn’t a love relationship in this book but at the same time you could feel it, the internal story of Luna left me without words for days.

Final thoughts? It was an incredible book. Out of my comfort zone because it was historical, which was done splendidly. It was not a romance novel, which it’s unusual for me to read and love. Also, it has this special feel to it that I don’t know how to explain to you… I guess you just have to pick it up and read it to understand.

Do I Recommend This Book?


Do you like historical books with a great theme to them that it’s not a romance but… it has the potential to become one? A story hidden inside another story? Like to have your brain second guessing things you thought? Have an open mind and want something new and refreshing to read?

You have to pick this book up. As a matter of fact: you NEED this book. It blows your mind away and it was written by someone so young that you will end up asking yourself: How the bloody hell did she came up with this and did it so beautifully?

Get I AM Mercy, because I don’t think you will ever regret reading it.


A heart beats only as long as someone is there to witness its livelihood

I suppose life is not something that can be bought or traded once it is lost. If it slips through your fingers, it’s gone forever. The dilemma is we don’t discover this until it is too late.

The world is a body, and I am the virus; the question is whether or not I will be rejected.


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I love him but I didn’t know it before. He is out there somewhere on this world. Is he thinking of me still? Is he looking for me? Did he forgot me already? It’s been so many years…” <— One of many thoughts after finishing the book…

This is one of those books that I will… and I mean seriously will… get my hand on in a printed copy because I just need it that badly even thou I already read it…



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