[Book Review] The Haircut by Lusty Soul

The Haircut by Lusty Soul

Kindle Edition: 44 pages

Published: April 8th 2016 by Lusty Soul

Genre: Adult Fiction, Romance, Erotic Romance, GLBT, Lesbian

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Synopsis (From Goodreads)

An Erotic Story With A Cutting Edge

Lucy, a succubus still coming to terms with her special nature, falls in love with her hairdresser. Elbe isn’t the type of girl she usually falls for, but after seeing her stand up to her bigoted brother, Lucy is impressed by Elbe’s confidence and energy, convinced there’s more to this girl underneath her shy and timid personality.

She offers Elbe her friendship, which quickly turns into scalding passion.

But Elbe’s brother, in his religious zealousness, isn’t so easily deterred…

My thoughts on The Haircut

Warning: This might have some un-intentional spoilers

With all honesty I have to say that, as usual, I had limited ideas of what this book was about except for the fact that there were two girls involved and it was an erotic romance novel.

I do like to read books this way because it gives a better surprise factor if you don’t know the synopsis by heart and don’t have a specific idea of what’s going to happen. Generally, if I have the book on my TBR or the author gives me an ARC, like it was in this case, I already know that I wanted to read this book for some reason *grins*

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy…

Being the second book I’ve read of this author I must mention that her writing it’s getting better. Even when this story was shorter, the writing was smooth and I have a wonderful time reading. There was no mistaking the gestures, the actions, even the feelings. The best part, it felt really good, and by that I mean that it didn’t feel fake at any point what so ever.

Now, since this is a short, sweet, steamy and interesting story… to say the least. I will try to keep from spoiling people with details because it’s worth reading and the shock… and the next shock… and the steamy scenes *kept on grinning*

Elbe works at a hair salon that Lucy goes to every time she wants to trim her hair, just for the sake of having the hands… and other parts… of the stylist close to her. The cool part for me when we first got a detail about Elbe was her hight difference with Lucy and also the sweetness coming right out of her.

Lucy it’s a great character. I learned more about succubus again from her and other little details that she finds out when she and Elbe get down to it.

I was shocked… Really… I was… You probably will too… But then it was all good *smiles*

Something that I really enjoy about Elbe was the fact that, even when she was such a girl with the emotional stuff she was dealing with, she was also a very strong character. Some people can’t pull that kind of thing of. That self-confidence despite the fact that she was shy around Lucy at the beginning. I can’t say enough times that I love characters that know who they are even when life it’s being a bitch with them sometimes.

I really enjoy the smoky hot scenes *blush* Very well done, and not so heavy. You know what I mean, if you’ve read erotica before, there are those scenes that are so full of details that you lost the sexyness. This was not the case *cheeky smile* That last one… Lusty, you did awesome and add to that, the last paragraph. So great!

If you, reader, want to read a LGBT book, this is the way to go. If you want to read a LGBT book for the first time, this is definitively the way to go. Why? Because it’s none intrusive. It introduce the details in a natural way, really slow… *coffsortoffcoff* but I think you will be eased into the genre and this type of relationships in a good way reading The Haircut.



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Lusty soul is a pseudonym, an avatar, an interactive immersion in erotica that surpasses mere physical appeasement. Personal encounters spiced up with a dash of fantasy that aim to leave you, the reader, wanting more.

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