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honor-bound-coverHonor Bound by Michelle Howard

Warlord Series

(Book #1)

Kindle Edition: 191 pages

Published: January 31st 2014 by Michelle Howard

Genres: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Aliens, Paranormal, Fantasy Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Fiction

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Synopsis (From Goodreads)

To save her people, Mikayla S’Apul has only two options: Become a prize in the upcoming battle or take control of her fate. When a worn journal falls into her hands revealing the secrets of a legendary group of warriors, Mikayla realizes it holds the answer to her dilemma. A marriage of convenience is the only way to protect the Raasa people.

Overlord Vaan Galip is the commander of the Warlord army tasked with protecting Kabanians and bringing peace to his lands. Betrayed by one of his own, joining with Mikayla S’Apul would provide her people with protection while giving him the opportunity for vengeance. Falling for the Raasa female was never part of his plans.

When a common enemy threatens, Vaan and Mikayla learn the true depth of what it means to be bound not only by marriage but by honor.

My thoughts on Honor Bound

WARNING: This have spoilers. You’ve been warned.

I was not planning on reading this book at all, but after a week of debating and not deciding on what else to read, I remembered and picked it up.

This is completely out of my style of reading. I can’t say out of my general genre because it’s a romance and erotica, but it’s totally different and left me scratching my head a few times.

The whole idea of races of aliens it was a good point but the characteristics of the venom in the Raasa mouth threw me for a loop. I just simple couldn’t imagine how it would be, or even how… just not. So at some point I just stopped trying to figure it out and focus on the story; not in that detail.

I have to give it to Michelle Howard, her female character Mikayla was just amazing. A woman in charge of her own home, brave enough to carry on the wishes of a long death mother and offering herself in exchange for protection for her people… all to the Kabanians that looked down on her and the whole Raasa’s.

You have to have big ovaries to do that kind of stuff.

She was consistent with her personality and so where the others. I can’t express how good it feels to read characters that are not going from one point to the other, getting so different in each chapter and not being consistent.

Vaan. That male just pissed me off at the beginning, after he woke up from the sleeping period he and his warriors when under. Slowly but surely I warmed up to him later, until the point I was sighing over him.

Balal is going to get what’s coming from the way he talked to Assa. I just feel it in my bones. *evil laugh*

All in all, it was a good surprise to enjoy the book. The story was well written, it was a nice read, it picked my curiosity to keep on reading at the best times and got me jumping to the novella “The Overlord’s Heir” as soon as I finished this book.


“Blessed One do not let me kill my mate on such an important day.”

She wanted to get home. Wanted the safe secure arms of her mate. Vaan would hold her. He’d give her needless kisses to soothe the terror trembling through her body. His calloused hands would touch and reassure her that with him by her side, she had no need to worry for protection.

“Whatever madness you seek, my answer is no. The Overlord punished all of us with daily practice one on one with him for a week after your little escape.”


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FYI... The Overlord’s Heir it’s even better 🙂 Read it!

overlords-heir-coverMichelle Howard like many authors dreamed of writing since reading her first romance novel many years ago. She loves paranormal and contemporary romances and is a fan of the classic romances, such as Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood.

Michelle’s first work, a shifter novel, placed first in the paranormal category of the 2013 Duel on the Delta hosted by River City Romance Writers. Her published novels No Reason to Run, the Warlord series and A World Beyond series are currently available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo as well as Smashwords.

Michelle is a member of Romance Writers of America and Maryland Romance Writers. She loves to hear from readers.

Feel free to keep in touch!

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