#BRMondays – Shane’s Bride by Kathleen Ball

shane-bride-coverShane’s Bride by Kathleen Ball

Mail Order Brides of Texas Series

(Book #3)

Kindle Edition: 125 pages

Published: May 19th 2016 by Forever Home

Genres: Western Romance, Romance, Historical Romance, Western Historical Romance, Victorian

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Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Rescued from Indians, Cecily McGuinness suffers from horrendous nightmare; ones that have her running from her lodging into the woods. She’ll never be normal again and most of the townspeople look at her with disdain. All she ever wanted was a family and a place to call home.

Sheriff Shane O’Connor is tired of tracking Cecily down each time she takes flight. Finally he makes her an offer to keep his house and help turn it into a farm. Her past doesn’t taint her in his eyes. In fact he finds himself very attracted to her but keeps his distance. She’d suffered enough at the hands of Long Nose.

Amid cheating gamblers, old friends who unexpectedly show up and a fire, a closeness develops between them. Cecily believes she isn’t fit to be a wife anymore. Can Shane convince her heart and soul that she is indeed worthy of a great love?

My thoughts on Shane’s Bride

WARNING: This have spoilers. You’ve been warned.

When I got this on my Kindle app I just did a little happy dance because since finishing Keegan’s Bride I have been waiting and waiting for the next book to come out. To say I enjoy the book would be a good way to describe my experience but it took me a little more time to finish the book than the previous two.

Cecily has had a bad luck, sort of speak, since accepting to become a mail order bride. The man who was suppose to marry her it was a horrible person that gave her to an Indian called Long Nose that treated her like she was a punching bag, at that is being nice about what he did to her.

Shane is the new town sheriff and he tries his best to keep Cecily in town but she keep running and he has to go find her every time. Not that he complains about it but he should be doing his job in town and not chasing after her, or so he says.

After realizing that people in town were not being nice to Cecily he decided to make her come live with him. Mind you that this book is written in a time that if you were an unmarried girl living with a man… you got a little reputation for being soiled goods for other men.

I really enjoy how Kathleen Ball has the ability to make me think I’m looking into the day-to-day life of her characters. It feel natural. The progression of the story and the pace of the events has a great flow in my opinion. Also, the inner struggles of said characters feels very real for the time that the book is written about.

Let me just said I hated Shane’s female friend that came to live with them. She had a background and she acted all high and mighty, like she was entitle of things and she didn’t have to work for them. I really disliked her and the treatment she gave Cecily and Poor Boy. I thought that because of her pass, this friend of Shane would be more caring or understanding, but no, she was a royal bitch. And she got what she deserved at the end.

Again the writing was nicely done. I did find some new vocabulary for me in this book but they were only three, so it’s not a big deal that I found them. I know that I have said this before but I have to say it again, the characters are very human, relatable and correct for the time in history that the books it’s talking about.

The next book, Tramp’s Bride it’s already out by the time this review it’s up, so go pick Cinder’s Bride by Kathleen Ball and start the journey because you can’t read Tramp’s book without reading the others. You don’t want to miss out on the fun, right?


Her hair reminded him of strong, dark coffee untainted by cream as it cascade about her shoulders –> I loved this description, that’s why I wrote it down.

“Sometimes, there ain’t no way to change the way things are or the way things are going to be.”


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I’m following this series as you can read.
In fact… I’m reading Book #4 already 😀

katSexy Cowboys and the Women Who Love Them…

Finalist in the 2012 and 2015 RONE Awards.

Top Pick, Five Star Series from the Romance Review.

Kathleen Ball writes contemporary and historical western romance with great emotion and memorable characters. Her books are award winners and have appeared on best sellers lists

including: Amazon’s Best Sellers List, All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand, Desert Breeze Publishing and Secret Cravings Publishing Best Sellers list. She is the recipient of eight Editor’s Choice Awards, and The Readers’ Choice Award for Ryelee’s Cowboy.
Winner of the Lear diamond award Best Historical Novel- Cinders’ Bride.

There’s something about a cowboy…

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