#BRMondays – Gypsy Eyes by Kat Brewer

gypsy-eyes-coverGypsy Eyes by Kat Brewer

Kindle Edition: 79 pages

Published: May 16th 2012

Genres: Contemporary Romance

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Synopsis (From Goodreads)

After devastating loss, Callie travels to England to find the father she never knew, the man who left America before he knew her mother was pregnant. She finds more heartbreak, but fate sends her happiness and more than she bargained for in Harman, a handsome Gypsy. Along the way she discovers a loving family, bitchy rival and that how she sees herself is not always how others see her.

My thoughts on Gypsy Eyes

WARNING: This may have spoilers. You’ve been warned.

This is the first book that Kat Brewer ever published. She was gracious and cool enough to send me a copy so I can read it and review it with you all, since I’m so fond of her Chronicles of Erla series and you have seen her book in here before.

We are introduced to Callie, our female protagonist, in the first place and she is an American curvy girl that’s traveling alone, looking for someone in a country she doesn’t know. She gets stranded because her car broke down and she walks looking for help.

Harman, our male protagonist, get’s in the picture early on, just when Callie needs help, he finds her and helps her with her car. The story goes on from there into a cute romantic story of two people that where brought together by fate in the most unlikely of ways.

Being that Gypsy Eyes was the first book Kat Brewer published I expected to find something different from her new books, but let me tell you that I think I saw some characters that reminded me of the ones in her Chronicles of Erla… being more specific, King Nyles *smiles*

This was a romantic contemporary novel all the way through and it had some good sexy scenes along the way. Also I have to say the writing style of Kat Brewer has improved over the years in a great way. I can definitely say she has a mark in the way she writes, like… you can tell it’s her, I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe it’s the way she describes things or something but you can pin point this as one of her books, no problem at all, if you have read something of her already by now.

That being said… This story reminds me a lot about some movie from a few years ago. It’s not the same story but the concept was pretty similar and I can say it was the first thing that came to mind after reading the first few chapters.

Again, that being said, you can read this story without worrying if you are going to confuse it with some other one or a movie from a few years back. It has different twists and I like it quite a lot, not as much as Here She Rules, for example, but it was good for being the first book of a fantastic writer.

If you love romances where the characters fall in love almost at first sight, get to know each other quite well during the book, make some bad judgment and you want to slap them for it, then find each other again and live happily ever after. This is the book for you… and for me *grin*


Go pick up Here she Rules if you haven’t already!


gypsy-eyes-coverI’m a Santa Cruz, CA native who now resides in rural South Alabama. In the grips of inspiration I can lose myself for days. I love to write stories with strong heroines that push past fear and insecurities and meet the challenges life throws at them. I believe every woman has a fierce spirit within and that when we unite there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

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