#BRMondays – Rock Hard Mountain Man by Rye Hart


Published December 19th, 2016
Amazon Kindle: 192 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit


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There I was – stormed in with the sexiest bastard in all of Colorado.

Landing a personal chef job was my ONE big break.
Though, I never expected to come face-to-face with the kinky star of my virgin fantasies.
Tyler Jenner is a sexy billionaire and mountain man – with a RAVENOUS appetite.
And he’s packing more wood than all of Colorado.
He tells me to serve him meat and potatoes.
Meanwhile he wants to serve me some of his own meat.
Can you believe this guy?
I’m not biting.
I’ve got too much on the line.

This mountain billionaire will have to find another cherry to pop.

When I saw Maggie walk into my lodge, I wanted her right there.
I give her a flash of the mountain monster and she told me to screw off.
She acted like I was some kind of animal. It pissed me off. Not because she was wrong – I am an animal.
But this animal has women lining up for miles to get a glimpse of the log I’m packing in my jeans.
Before long I’ll own this chef. In my bed. In my bathroom. In my kitchen – and she’ll be begging me for more.
But if she thinks she can fix this crooked mountain beast’s heart – she’s got another thing coming.
I’ve got my baggage and she’s got hers. I’m not letting this woman interfere with my life.

No matter how much I CRAVE her.

This is a standalone novella with a HEA and NO cheating! The Kindle version also comes with bonus content, including an exclusive bad boy romance.

Rye Hart. Own Your Naughty.


WARNING: This review may have some SPOILERS.

Tyler is a business man who doesn’t care if he gets his hands dirty, as long as he gets what he wants. His right hand man deals with everything for him and Tyler doesn’t even want to know how Charlie managed to get him some of the deals he’s got.

Maggie was working at a steak house in town to pay the bills and feed her two teenage brothers. After a job opportunity was presented to be a personal chef to a big mountain man, her life would not be the same.

My first impression of Tyler was that he was an arrogant prick; you could even say I wrote down “asshole” in my notebook about him. There is NOT a thing I like about a man who believe that because he is exceptionally good-looking and can wipe his ass with dollar bills, he can get away with anything.

I got the impression, later, that he lost his way after his father died. Yes, he wanted to keep his father legacy but he was going about it the wrong way. That didn’t compensate the fact that I just plain didn’t like him. His ego was bigger than his cock, and that didn’t work with me.

Maggie was a very down to earth woman. Raised in a good, loving family, have a strong sense of who she wanted to be and how she was going to get there. What I mean is that I just love how she went and leave Tyler house that first time when he propositioned her to have sex with her. She was not going to sell herself.

This is definitively a fast read and I would even dare to say, it was kind of insta-love. With a clean writing style and sexy scenes to give you a reason to take the sex toys out. That being said, the first sex scene with the two together was pretty good considering she was a virgin when she went to bed with him.

I got annoyed with Maggie at around 80% into the book. She was so upset with Tyler, with good reason, but she was acting like a crazy woman instead of the level-headed character she was during the story. It was s shift that happened again when she turned from crazy to sweet in a matter of pages. I understand what happened but I just think it could have been done in a way that didn’t make the character deviate so much from what I, as the reader, originally saw.

Tyler was no saint. Like I’ve said above, he was an asshole. That being said, he was an asshole for most of the book, and only mentioned that he was prepared to change when Maggie brought it up. Not even then… she had to yell at him and causes a scene for him to even say he was able to change, because before that moment I didn’t saw him even hinting at wanting to change. Yes he thought his father was amazing for doing things the right way but that was it.

Over all, I believe that Rye Hart did a pretty good job for her debut novel Rock Hard Mountain Man. Even when her lead male character was a dick almost until the end *laugh* I will stalk her on social media to check for new stories in the future, because I believe in new writes, and I want more.


Rye Hart writes about powerfully sexy women and the hot alpha bad boys who love them. You will not find any cheating here. Rye’s books are packed with hot passionate love and happy ever after endings.

Personal Note from The Author:
Rye Hart here! Thank you for supporting a new indie romance author. Anything you can do, whether it be writing a review, or even simply telling a fellow reader that you enjoyed my book means the world!

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