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Published April 5th 2017
Amazon Kindle: 128 Pages
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

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When my cousin Jax bails me out after a bar fight, I head to his middle-of-nowhere cabin. Not my first choice—but who knows, maybe I’ll become a real fucking mountain man.

I’m not the only person staying at Jax’s place.
His wife’s cousin, Honor, is here too.
Suddenly this mountain is looking a hell of a lot better.

When Honor tells me her life is complicated it’s the understatement of the century.
Besides having a tender heart and the face of an angel, she’s a sister-wife, on the run from her ex, desperate to give her children a better life.

I’ve spent the last few years fucking around while Honor’s been raising her babies.
It’s time for me to get my shit together.
No one thinks Honor should get involved with another man, especially a man like me.

But they don’t understand—Honor is my woman now.
And I’m not leaving this mountain until I have her.


I think I’ve read almost every book that Frankie Love has put out there. I also know that I have some to read so I can finish and say I’ve read them all, but that’s besides the point. What I’m trying to say is that this is not my first reading of Frankie’s work and I purposefully pick her books up when I need something to make me smile.

Honored was a sweet, fast paced story that lifted my mood and made me forget I was on a reading slump since the beginning of April. I was kind of worried because I need to read to keep giving you this reviews, so…

The story itself was simple: a long time bachelor with a perch for helping the underdog, and a mother of three that grows a back bone and leave the son of a B… that makes her fear for her son’s life. Put this two characters together and you have a wonderful romance with steamy sex in between.

The writing is one of the things I also like about Frankie Love, because she doesn’t complicate anything using fancy language, she tell’s it like it is and does it with much ease. I have seen the way her writing has improved story after story and I have to say, witnessing this kind of stuff it’s just amazing.

I do have to say that Hawk is a sweet mountain man, but after I’ve finish reading the book my brain started to analyze it and came to the conclusion that it was a little too unrealistic the way he turned around to settle with Honor. He was a bachelor, he was not going to settle down and just all of a sudden her was changing his mind in a second. This doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of the story but my brain has a tendency to over analyze stuff.

What I loved, and I do mean LOVE, about this story was the way Frankie Love refered to the changes a woman’s body goes through after having a baby, and the fact that all women deserve a happily ever after, even when we are too busy to wish for one.

This is fantastic fast read that will leave you smiling and wanting to have a happily ever after, with a man who fight for you, love you and cherish you for who you are.


Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men. As a thirty-something mom to six who is ridiculously in love with her own bearded hottie, she believes in
love-at-first-sight and happily-ever-afters. She also believes in the power of a quickie.

You can find her at FRANKIELOVE.NET or on FB— where she’s usually moaning about the latest episode of The Bachelor or fangirling over swoon-worthy romances.

❤️Get ready to fall in love … you deserve it!❤️

All of Frankie’s books are stand-alones with happily-ever-afters! Promise!

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