#BRMondays – Shy Girls Write It Better by May Sage


Published October 11th, 2016 by Madam’s Books
Amazon Kindle: 182 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Short Stories

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Cassie Franklin trips over nothing on perfectly flat surfaces every day, and she cannot seem to be able to simultaneously speak and look into her audience’s eyes.

Cassandra Frank is the ultimate tease; her words have aroused, intrigued and captured the heart of thousands…

And somehow, they are the same person.

Hiding the fact that she writes erotica isn’t much of a challenge – no one would ever think that a plain, boring little accountant like Cassie could so much as read anything so scandalous…

But one day, she makes a huge mistake.

Carter Harris employs so many people he can’t exactly recall all their names, but strangely, he knows her. She isn’t an executive, she isn’t sexy, or otherwise noticeable, but the girl is cute – in a helpless, unique sort of way.

He can’t pretend to say she ever crosses his mind, though… Until the day he finds the manuscript she worked on during her lunch hour.

Shy girls write it better is an adult romance with explicit content. Standalone novel.


First time I got one of May Sage books on my hands and OMG what a reading I got.

I love a good, fun, sexy romance and this book had all of the things I like wrapped into one. That without mentioning I laugh my ass off with most of the situations that the characters where getting themselves into.

Cassandra is an accountant with a double major in business and being an accountancy student myself I found that relatable detail way comforting. She is also a romance writer and that was just an added bonus in my opinion.

Carter *sigh dreamily* What can I say about him beside the fact that I love him as a hero. The way he fought against what was happening with Cassie and the way he realized that he wanted her in his life forever. It was just too endearing to not love him to pieces.

I don’t want to give the plot of the story away because this is a fast read that you can finish in two hours max, if you read it without interruptions. Not only the writing is fun and engaging, it’s also simple which makes the reader able to go fast without much confusion.

I did notice some little slang but it was just after I finished the book, and since I read too much, it wasn’t a problem for me at all. Just in case you want to know, there are some words like flat instead of apartment and university instead of college. Little details that may or may not bother you while reading. For me, again, it wasn’t a problem at all.

The sexy scenes and the sex scenes… yes, there were different ones *laugh* where well done. May Sage didn’t over populated her book with sex which was awesome for this type of story, but what sex she wrote I believe will have you fanning yourself like I did.

Prepare yourself to laugh out loud. I wouldn’t recommend reading this book in a public transportation unless you have tremendous self-control. I was reading in the car with my parents and they kept asking what was so funny because I couldn’t keep the laughter down.

What made me reduce my rating on this book was the ending. It’s a HEA (happily ever after) which is great but I’m still a little… kind of unsatisfied because of the state in what the author leave the reader. Yeah, I could see the HEA but I would love to have more Cassie and Carter story to read too.

I think this book has a great potential to be longer or have a second part. If someday has a second part I would be all over that story for sure.


May is a USA Today Bestselling Author based in the middle of nowhere, Cornwall, England.

When she isn’t writing about sassy women and alpha males, she can generally be found playing with her cat and her puppy, eating cake, or reading about sassy women and alpha males. Yep, she’s that kinda recluse.

Her first love is paranormal romance but she’s not that faithful, so expect to find anything from shifters, princes and kings, to aliens and billionaires in her bibliography!

Please note that May writes novels and novellas. Some of her books end on cliffhanger. Read the description to know what you’re signing up for. Also: note that none of her books are suitable for those who like clean romance.

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