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Published December 28th, 2015 by Amazon Digital Services LLC
Amazon Kindle: 387 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspence, Military Romance

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My Name is Grant Lucas, And I Will Make You My Wife.

I look like any normal Bad Boy. Tattoos, Muscles, Swagger. I look … good.

But I’m not good, and I will Make a Wife out of You.

Lacey thinks she wants a husband, she thinks she wants a nice man to settle down with. She has no idea. The guy she has in mind is all wrong. He doesn’t have the balls. He doesn’t even come close to being man enough for a girl like her.

I know what she wants, she wants the Rock Hard strength of a real man.
And if she’s going to get a husband, it’s going to be me. I’m the only one who can wife her.

She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to Wife her so Hard her Head will Spin.


I was a little shocked when I read the first statement Grant said when the book just started. I can’t say I thought he was wrong because I think most men do hate weddings.

That being said I have to hand it to Chance Carter because the change I saw in Grant from the beginning to the end was beautiful. You don’t know what you’re missing until its right in front of you, in this case, and it’s about to be taken away forever by somebody else.

Grant is a badass but he was also a fool. I could see many scenarios when he was just screwing up left and right with his decision, but at the same time I could see that it was what some men do in real life. It’s part of they nature, I think.

The no use of a condom when they had sex was a thing that I considered kind of weird, for not say stupid on their part, specially for a one time thing. Also, Grants constant and repeated thoughts about him hating weddings and how he wanted Lacey but he didn’t act on his feelings.

Lacey was a problem for me because even when she was pretty realistic in her insecurities I almost forgot she is 34 years old. No woman at that age would act like she did just to forget about Grant and their one night stand. Drink herself stupid, maybe, but dating and staying with a guy like Rob just because she feels that he is her last chance to get a family? No, no self-respected, mature 34 years old woman would do that… In my opinion.

The fact that it was written in first person, alternating points of view between Lacey and Grant made it easy for me to get an understanding of those two as people. I could see their insecurities and at the top of my head I can’t think of a book, right this second, that I’ve read that show a man like that. Keep in mind I read a lot so my memory it’s not something I would bet money on LOL

Still talking about the writing. It was simple, no weird vocabulary, with a couple of interesting word choices when talking about sex, but mostly to the point and no-nonsense. I truly believe you could pick this book up and finish it with a smile in less than a day… If you don’t mind the main female making really bad relationship decisions.


Hi, I’m Chance.
A Bad Boy who writes about Bad Boys. Who wouldn’t want to read that?
Here’s the deal. I write them. You fall in love with them. It’s as simple as that.
As a guy writing romance, I always welcome suggestions from readers about the things I’m screwing up.
You can contact me at chance@chancecarter.com.
You can sign up for updates and free books at chancecarter.com.
That’s everything.

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