#BRMondays – SEAL of Approval by Sarah J. Brooks and Lynn Faye


Published June 23rd, 2017 by Amazon Digital Services LLC
Amazon Kindle: 175 Pages + more stories
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Military Romance

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Fate deals us the cards, but we have to play them. Will destiny allow us a second chance?

This is my rifle, this is my gun,
the one in my pants, well that one’s for fun.
They call me the bad boy. The rebel. The player.
The one who’ll never fit their image of a perfect billionaire son.

My father hates me.
My brother despises me.
Even my mother has given up hope I’ll dedicate my life to the family business.

So I said f&ck it and left home to join the SEALs.
That pretty much ended my relationship with my family for good.
At least, I thought it did.

Until my perfect brother heartlessly divorced his beautiful, sinfully tempting wife.
Maybe it’s my army training, something we call loyalty, but that just doesn’t sit right with me.

So when she comes to me for help, I’m listening.
I never could have guessed what she’d ask.

She wants me to marry her! Make her mine!
So she can keep her daughter.

I didn’t ask for this.
But Kristen makes my soldier salute as soon as she walks in the room.
Her body is a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at my heart.

This mission is risky. Dangerous.
Maybe even lethal.

But all’s fair in love and war.

This is a Full-Length STANDALONE Billionaire Seal Romance novel, with an HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, this book also includes exclusive bonus content only available through this book!


I was the happy recipient of an ARC copy of SEAL of Approval.
Thank You to the lovelies Sarah J. Brooks and Lynn Faye.

The writing of these two authors combined was beautiful. They made the story flow incredibly well and it has engaging to the point that I need to warn you: If you pick it up, you won’t put it down until you’re done.

I love a good romantic suspense and SEAL of Approval had good suspense. Not mentioning the moments of tension throughout the story when shit hit the fan a couple of times.

Helen (the mother in law) was an awful person because I can’t think of a good reason for someone to act with such viciousness towards another person. I mean, really? It was necessary to do what she did to Kristen? and Camila? I know Helen lost her son Andrew but that wouldn’t make her that insane, right?

The story of Kristen and Ethan was just… I can’t even… They just deserved to be together from the beginning and fate was a bitch to them.

What I will say is that at some points the story seemed a little crazy, like things didn’t add up. It wasn’t the writing, let me make that clear, there wasn’t anything wrong with the writing when I read it. It was a feeling I got and I needed to mentioned it here because I¿ve said that I will always be honest with you.

I felt sorry for Andrew at the end because, even though I can’t personally relate, I can imagine it wasn’t easy to live with what he had to live. Nobody deserves that.

No need to say that the steamy, sexy, hot parts of this story were exactly what you would have expected. There is no way Ethan and Kristen could have been together if he wasn’t great in bed, right? *LOL*

I would love to read more of both authors in a near future. I think the duo has potential *wink* I also think you should go pick the book up and see for yourself.

When you’re done, if you feel like talking, come back here and leave me a comment with your opinion. I love discussing books!


Sarah has been writing since she was 16 years old and has published multiple Amazon bestselling books. No matter if her heroes are Billionaires, Bad Boys or both – she loves to write about hot and sexy alpha males, who are protective and sometimes bossy, as well as the women they crave. Her exciting stories are always steamy, with a lot of twists and turns and a guaranteed HEA that leaves you satisfied after a wild ride – just like it should be in the bedroom, you know?

Sarah loves to travel the world, because new places always inspire her. Right now she enjoys time in europe while writing new books.

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