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Published July 11th, 2017 by Amazon Digital Services LLC
Amazon Kindle: 198 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Cowboy,

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Ladies like to ride me like a bucking bronco.
But a bullsh*t clause in a will changed everything.
My mission now: get a girl knocked up.
My reward: two billion dollars
Guess I better rope in the perfect baby mama.

My family’s oil empire left me a hefty inheritance.
One condition: conceive an heir by my next birthday.
Talk about a total mind f*ck.
But, then I laid my eyes on Bella and I knew she was the one.
A perfect balance of class, beauty and a sexy innocence.
She’s not afraid to tell this wild stallion to f*ck off.
And that couldn’t be more of a turn on.
Something tells me she’s got an inner cowgirl eager for a ride.

I just hope she’ll forgive me when she finds out I want to knock her up.

**This is a full-length, standalone billionaire cowboy romance. No cheating or cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed. Get an exclusive, never before releases fairy tale romance: The Billionaire’s Princess in the kindle version. Grab your copy today.**


I want to thank Rye Hart for giving me the chance of reviewing an ARC copy of this book. I don’t always apply for the ARC’s but this one called to me for some reason *smile*

Comparing Bella as a female character with others from books I’ve read recently… She is stronger and sassier even though I don’t agree with part of her behaviour. A woman can get blinded by emotions but Bella acted on impulse when she found out about Reed’s hidden agenda.

My opinion of Reed is that he’s a jackass with a hot body that turned into a pussycat when he was around Bella. He let his lust-turned-love for Bella guide him and it wasn’t always pretty. He basically didn’t used his mind, which is a male trace I know, but either way, he was supposed to be the mature guy, right?

The Gavin situation had potential to become more drama/problems for the couple but Rye decided not to act on that. I understand the reasoning but I love me some drama for the climax of the stories.

I had to remind myself that shorter novels don’t have the room for all the stuff that my mind said it could be done. Like making Gavin be a threat to Bella and forced Reed to intervene in some way. I love letting my mind wander like this *laughs*

The writing was Rye Hart signature one. Sexy, hot, well done and simple (don’t need to use the dictionary to understand vocabulary). I really enjoy this type of books because they are fun to read and short enough that you don’t feel like it’s taking too much time.

The characters for stories like this are in the right spectrum for me, even though I still love me some drama. I think it was very well done and I didn’t find any blatant editing mistakes, which is a plus when reading erotic romance.


Rye Hart is an Amazon Bestseller for the following books in her Rock Hard Series:
Rock Hard SEAL (#36 US Amazon Bestseller)
Rock Hard Fake Groom (#40 US Amazon Bestseller)
Rock Hard Boss (#44 US Amazon Bestseller)
Rock Hard Daddy (#52 US Amazon Bestseller)

Rye writes about powerfully sexy women and the hot alpha bad boys who love them. You will not find any cheating here. Rye’s books are packed with hot passionate love and happy ever after endings.

Personal Note from Author:
Rye Hart here! Thank you for supporting a new indie romance author. Anything you can do, whether it be writing a review, or even simply telling a fellow reader that you enjoyed my book means the world!

Rye Hart. Own Your Naughty.

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