#BRMondays – Beyond the Gates of Evermoore by Krista Wolf


Published March 28th, 2018
Genre: Time Travel, Ghosts, Paranormal Romance


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My Review

When I got this book on my hands I could hardly contain my excitement. Krista Wolf is a talented writer, new to me by her previous book Ghosts of Averoigne. I was, kind of, expecting Beyond the Gates of Evermoore to be even better.

Melody as a main character was good but I wanted to learn more about her and the Order that sends her to Evermoore to retrieve an artifact that not even the great Xiomara can talk much about. I was intrigued and very much hooked on the story by that fact alone, but there was not much said about the artifact in reality.

The triangle that formed between Melody, Eric, and Lucus, in a way, definitively gave the book more steamy moments and some romance too. I do believe though that the true plot of the story was not the romance but the mystery. In that regard, it was an absolute hands-down success.

There was a plot twist I didn’t see coming and took me by surprise shaking the ground from underneath me. After I was planted again on my feet I was able to finish the book so fast that I was left with a feeling of wanting more. Especially with the mystery not being completely explained by the end of the story, no matter how positive the ending was.

I would recommend this book to the lovers or mystery romances with a touch of paranormal activity in them, just like the Ghosts of Averoigne, and I would also recommend putting Krista Wolf on your ONE-CLICK list of authors.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

About the Author

Krista Wolf is a lover of fantasy, action, and all things paranormal… as well as a hopeless romantic with an insatiably steamy, dirtier side.

She writes suspenseful, mystery-infused stories filled with blistering hot twists and turns. Tales in which headstrong, impetuous heroines are the irresistible force thrown against the immovable object of powerful, alpha heroes.

If you like intelligent and witty paranormal romance served up with a razor-sharp, erotic edge? You’ve just found your new favorite author.

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