#BRMondays – Earning Her Trust by Adore Ian

Published October 9th, 2018
Print Length: 370 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, College Romance


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My Review

I took my time writing this review even though I read the book before it was launched. I always say that my reviews are honest and that’s exactly why I needed to take my time to write this one.

Earning Her Trust is a debut novel by Adore Ian and for being the first book on her published belt I have to say she did a great job with this book.

I’m not going to go into details about each character because I believe that the way you get to know them throughout the story was such a good journey that I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone out there that has not read the book yet.

Character development was done in a way that I was surprised. Not every author decides to do what Adore did and especially on her debut novel. Both, Damian and Marrian growth was outstanding and the things they lived together were very relatable. I have to give it to Adore Ian, she managed those two amazingly.

The flow of the story was not cut in any way during my reading. I sat down to read my copy and I couldn’t put it down. My downside is that I tend to read at night so I stayed up later than usual because I just couldn’t put the book down. I kept saying “just one more chapter” until the end.

This book does not have a regular romance ending. It’s not a cliffhanger, just to clear that out of the way. It has a Happy For Now ending, leaving the idea of maybe having more books in the future telling us about how the relationship between Damian and Marrian is going on.

For having that ending I gave the book a higher ranking because seriously… who dares do that? And on a debut novel? She has ovaries the size of watermelons to publish a romance story with a HFN ending as her first. The reason why I liked it so much is exactly the fact that makes you think you’re learning about the ongoing lives of two people you care about.

I would definitively read more of Adore Ian books in the future.

Disclaimer: I receive an ARC copy of this book
Thank you, Adore Ian!

About the Author

Adore Ian grew up in a mixed race family in Hawaii and has loved steamy romance novels ever since finding a Harper paperback discarded on the sidewalk when she was a kid. She’s a proud dyslexic, a loud intersectional feminist, and a lover of standard poodles. She lives with her manfriend on the east coast where she spends too much time bunny watching and not enough time writing. She believes the ingredients to good romance are too much smut, quality fluff and angst, and a dash of guerrilla sex ed. Her novels are best enjoyed with a slice of pizza and an ice cold beer.

Join her in the trash can. #iAdoreSmut

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