ARC Review – Jake’s Redemption by Jamie Schulz

Published February 1st, 2019
Print Length: 425 pages
Genre: Dystopian Fiction, Science Fiction Romance, Romantic Fantasy, Alternate History

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Warning: Intended for mature audiences. This story contains some unsettling and violent subject matter that sensitive readers may find disturbing or triggering. Reader discretion is advised.

Jake’s Redemption is the story of Jake Nichols becoming a slave after the war that put women in charge of the world. He was broken, beaten and damaged, but a kind spirit woman took him in and tried to build him back up into the man he once was. Monica Avery was an amazing woman with a past of her own but the attraction she felt towards Jake made her risk what she got to keep him.

The book presents a dystopian setting. The aftermath of a war that left few men alive and women in charge. The abuse of power or the threat of it was ever-present, even when not every woman was corrupted by the power they now wield, the ones that did were scary enough.

I could talk about this book for days. Seriously, it has so many points that are amazing for discussion and I think some of those discussions are necessary for this day and age. With the Me Too movement and other topics about abuse of power, this book opens a lot of questions for those willing to think about it.

Jake Nichols was real. Every little struggle he had during his imprisonment in Darla’s hands and when he was under Monica’s supervision felt real. I think this book presents the broken mind and the aftereffects of abuse like no other I have ever seen. I believe Jamie couldn’t have done a better job crafting Jake even if she tried.

The writing was beautifully done. I can’t stress enough how many times I found myself thinking: “Jamie is a genius. This book is amazing.” I wish you could see my Kindle file for this book, the highlights and notes are everywhere. As long as the book was, it wasn’t tedious and the writing was compelling, even in descriptions I couldn’t find a flaw.

I want to mention that for a prequel this book was LONG. Now, it’s content was fantastic, in my opinion, but I was not expecting the page count since I see prequels as small books. That being said, give me Angel and Brett’s book as long as it comes because I will DEFINITIVELY read it.

The only thing I believe that could have been better crafted/imagined in this story was the way women managed to overpower men. The idea of becoming super-strong when strong emotions are involved it’s not a new one for me but I think it could have been done in a more original way. Considering this trade in women was not actively used in this particular story after Jake was captured… I took note but it didn’t have much weight on my score.

To finish this I must give credit to the cast of secondary characters that were present in the story. I think all of them, even Katherine was fulfilling a role. That being said, I want to know what role Toby was playing because that little piece of… *shuts up and breath deeply* I have a feeling he will be trouble in Angel’s book.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, or even if you don’t, please grab this book. It may take you a little longer to read through it but I absolutely believe is worth it.

Disclaimer: I read the book from Kindle Unlimited.

About the Author

Jamie Schulz lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family, her husband, and their fur babies. Writing has always been a big a part of her life, and she hopes to one day reach the best sellers lists.

Cowboys, ice cream, and reading almost any kind of romance are among her (not so) secret loves. To her, every one of her stories, no matter how dark, must have a happy ending, and she strives to make them impossible to put down until you get there.

She balances her free time between reading her favorite romance authors—in genres ranging from erotica and dark romance to sweet historicals and contemporary romance—and spending time with her family.

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