#BRMondays – Securing Piper by Susan Stoker

Published August 20th, 2019
Print Length: 358 pages
Genre: Military Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance

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My Review

Piper was visiting her friend Kalee that was a Peace Corps volunteer when rebels attacked the orphanage they were visiting. She managed to hide with three young girls but they wouldn’t survive long in their hiding place.

A team of SEAL’s went to look for Kalee but they found Piper and the girls instead. One of those men was Ace, who didn’t hesitate a second to do what was necessary to take them safely to the US.

A strong female character with a strong male character always make a good combo, right? In this case it was a fantastic duo and how they protected the children was even more beautiful. I wish there were more people like Tex helping couples adopt children the way it was done in this book.

The story was, in true Susan Stoker fashion, full of dangerous situations, suspense, kindness and romance. I had a great time reading the book in one sitting.

I have to say I never get tired of the writing style in these types of books, especially when you know there is always more to come and you don’t know where will it come from.

What upset me about this particular book wasn’t related to the main story (Ace and Piper) but about someone else. I can’t tell you whom without spoiling a mystery that solved itself at the end of the book.

The thing is that the situation created a hook for another book down the line on the series that won’t come out soon. That put me in a bad mood. It was a great hook but, seriously? *big sigh*

You don’t need to read earlier books in the series to understand this one, but characters from different books make appearances here.

I would recommend you read this book if you like military stories, romantic suspense, no cliffhangers, happily ever after and great hooks.

About the Author

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Susan Stoker has a heart as big as the state of Texas where she lives, but this all American girl has also spent the last fourteen years living in Missouri, California, Colorado, and Indiana. She’s married to a retired Army man who now gets to follow her around the country.

She debuted her first series in 2014 and quickly followed that up with the SEAL of Protection Series, which solidified her love of writing and creating stories readers can get lost in.

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