#BRMondays – Queen Takes Camelot by Joely Sue Burkhart

Published October 28th, 2019
Print Length: 148 pages
Genre: Vampire Romance, Paranormal Romance, Short Read, Reverse Harem, Polyamorous

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My Review

Gwen’s book has been one of the most waited for the end of this year from Joely Sue Burkhart. When Queen Takes Triune ended I was so ready to know what would happen with King Arthur. Was the Queen going to kill him? Who was her other blood? What powers do they have? And a lot of other questions I needed answers to.

Queen Takes Camelot has a revised version of Queen Takes Avalon inside and I have to say it was a great idea to put them together because they blend very well and make a solid story for one book. I also like it because if you want to re-read the series, you will have it there and not have to look it up in other books.

What do you want me to say? It’s part of Their Vampire Queen Series. It was awesome! I absolutely loved it, not only because of the storyline but also because Joely Sue Burkhart managed to mix plot lines from another Queen into this one. Merlin being the creature that he was? Pure genius.

There’s not much that I can say without getting into spoilers since we’re so far into the series. I would absolutely recommend you to start reading Queen Takes Knights if you have not done so already and make your way up to this particular story. There are a lot of plot development things that you need to know from previous stories to get what’s going on.

That being said. This book can stand on its own, in a way, because the author always put some information to keep the reader on track of what has been happening. That helps when you pick the books out of order to read them for the first time.

About the Author

Joely Sue Burkhart has always loved heroes who hide behind a mask, the darker and more dangerous the better. Whether cool, sophisticated billionaire, brutal bloodthirsty assassin or simply a man tortured by his own needs, they all wear masks to protect themselves. Once they finally give you a peek into the passionate, twisted secrets they’re hiding, they always fall hard and fast. Dare to look beneath the mask with delicious BDSM in a wide variety of genres with Joely on her website.

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