Weekly Reading Update (03/30-04/05)

I’ve decided since I’m trying to publish one blog post a day during April, that Sunday’s post has to be an update of my week and how reading went.

Since the COVID-19 got to Paraguay and the Government put us into #stayhome on March 12, my reading has not been going well. Not because I have not been in the mood to read but because I have found out that staying at home brings more work than relaxation time to my day.

I have never cleaned the house so much in my entire life. Honestly, it looks like every day there’s some new mess that we, my mother and I, have to clean, and with five people living together, it’s not hard to imagine such a thing happening.

The first thing that helped me to get back into the groove of things was picking an Audiobook and listen to it.

I decided that a Lani Lynn Vale re-read-a-thon of sorts was necessary, so I started Boomtown on Scribd and I’m happy to re-live this story all over again. Chey’s outburst and stubborn personality make this book lots of fun.

This time around I’m taking notes while listening to Mason Lloyd and Stephanie Rose read this book to me. I want to make sure I got all the info I need to write a family tree of sorts. Most Lani Lynn Vale books are related somehow and that’s what I’m wanting to catch and get down onto paper.

Finally, almost on Friday, I started reading again. Like, putting my glasses on, opening my Kindle and read.

A few weeks ago I read the first book in the Moon’s Ranch Series by Em Petrova. I loved it and wanted more, so I signed on Booksprout to get the second book in the series.

Screwed and Satisfied is the story of Dane and I was crazy interested in his story at the end of the first book.

So far I can tell you I was right to be crazy interested in his story. It started with a bang. The bang of something smashing against a wall barely missing his head.

The other book I picked up to read is Sexy Dirty Cowboy by Elle Thorpe. I got the immense pleasure of getting an ARC so I’m reading this one because I want to know what’s going on.

Ride Dirty, Cowboy was incredible. Addie and Kai storyline will blow your minds. I do have to say there were characters I wanted to punch in the face or in other body parts but I reserved my opinions for the actual review.

The review is coming soon for all the books in this series because I’m a little behind on my posting schedule. Hence the “blog post every day in April” idea.

And the last book that I picked back up during this week is Master’s Mistress by Jamie Schulz.

This one is the first in The Angel Eyes series and I’m slowly, very slowly, reading it because:

  1. There’s no book 2 yet.
  2. The undertone of the whole series is complicated and I can not rush. If I do, I may end up on a reading slump at the end of the book and I don’t want that.
  3. Jamie Schulz world, storyline, writing overall is so good that I just need to take my time.
  4. The book is big. 606 pages big. (O.O)

Here are the links to the Book Reviews published this week.

Tough and Tamed by Em Petrova

Beast of Mine by Marian Tee

Coming Home by Laura Westbrook

The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride by Emily Cooper

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Now I want to hear from you. How are you? It’s a crazy time worldwide. Are you being safe? Are your loved ones safe too?

I leave you with a big virtual hug.
Be strong, be safe and read on.

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