Book Review – Dark & Stormy by CJ Hunt

Published April 1st, 2019
Print Length: 97 pages
Genre: Multicultural Romance, Short Story, Romantic Humor, Contemporary Romance

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My Review

This is a cute and funny novella that includes two couples that finally find a way into each other’s arms, and stayed there.

Kelsey and Jason know each other because he frequents her coffee. Those visits are not a coincidence, he is really into her and she is really into him but both never tried anything. During a blackout, these two will find that they are perfect for each other.

Maddy rents space in Dawson’s building. Both of them are attracted to each other but when Dawson made the first attempt to ask Maddy on a date, something happened that put distance between them. Trapped in an elevator during a blackout the would find that not everything is what it seems and that second chances are fantastic.

Let’s be totally honest here, the plot is predictable but if you read the blurb before diving into the story, you shouldn’t be disappointed because you know what’s coming. That being said, I think it was cute and some details in the story were revealed in the middle of the blackout so I still got some surprises during my reading time.

The book is part of the Rivers End series, as a novella, so the world is one that’s contemporary but known to the reader, more so if you have read the rest of the series. Which I totally recommend you do.

It’s a short novella that you could pick at any time and enjoy. There is no need to read the whole series to understand this story, it totally stands on its own.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout. This is my personal opinion about this book.

About the Author

I’m a passionate reader and writer of romance. My body is living happily-ever-after with my lovely game designer of a husband in Vancouver, BC, while my mind spends most of its time with my invisible friends in the fictional Vancouver Island town of Rivers End.

I can often be found sipping some sort of handcrafted cocktail while contemplating how to complicate everyone’s lives just enough that when they get their happy endings, you really feel like they’ve earned it.

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