Book Review – Let’s Pretend by River Laurent

Published May 2nd, 2019
Print Length: 206 pages
Genre: New Adult Romance, Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Scarlett is forced to find a man to marry fast because after her father’s death she finds that he has left her beloved Manor House to his new wife. Zachary has worked with her father for a long time and even though she doesn’t trust him, she doesn’t have a choice but to marry him. He pretends that this marriage is one of convenience for both of them, but the truth is that he has wanted her for years and now he gets to have her.

This is my first River Laurent book and I have to say I’m not disappointed, in fact, I’m kind of impress because I wasn’t expecting to see this trope (fake marriage) developed in the way the author did. The writing was well done, the characters compelling, no out of character behavior was displayed, and the plot was so interesting that I couldn’t stop reading.

I appreciate when a trope that I know, like this one, is presented in a way that surprises me a little bit. Admittedly, I’m surprised, not for the originality of the work itself but by the fact that this author managed to keep me engaged when others couldn’t. That takes some skill because I read too much and too many romances that finding books that can fill these little details is just fantastic.

Like I’ve said previously, the writing was well done. I did not see any mistakes or problems while I was reading, which was great. There wasn’t much world-building necessary either because this was a contemporary romance so the setting did not need much explaining, but the part that was explained, the background, was great.

I would recommend this book to those that love the “fake marriage” trope in a contemporary setting. I would also like to say that I will be reading the backlog of River Laurent because I’m intrigued to see what else is out there.

Disclaimer: I received an advance review copy for free from Book Sirens.

About the Author

The first romance novel I ever read was a coverless Mills & Boons that I had smuggled into bed to read by torchlight.

I opened the book, and suddenly, I was transported into a wonderfully exciting world where a tall, dark and handsome man sparred with an ordinary girl just like me, and in the end…she got to keep him!

My stories still carry the scent of that dashing hero from my first book, because, you see, that billionaire was my very first love. And I’ve never ever really forgotten him.

When I’m not reading, or writing about hot Alphas, or eating delicious cashew nut cookies, I can be found…washing dishes, gardening, cooking, cleaning, dusting, or even picking up dog poo.

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