Weekly Reading Update (04/13-04/19)

During this particular week, I kept working on cleaning the house. I complained a lot mentally when my father cooked and the kitchen looked like a tornado passed through it. I usually enjoy ironing clothes but I have been so freaking tired by 9 pm each day that I have a pile of un-ironed clothes to tackle today.

In Audiobooks news. I finished 2 and started 1 more this week. For some reason that makes me feel like I’m being productive, reading-wise, even though my TBR is L-O-N-G and I’m listening to stuff that’s not in it.

I finished His Everything by Frankie Love. It was what I wanted and a little unrealistic at the same time. It was a good combination so I feel like I can’t complain.

As a matter of fact. I was my first book review for the week and at the bottom of this post you can find the link to check it out, if you’re interested.

The Christmas Mail Order Bride by Kit Morgan is a re-read for me. Well, I have read the book before, this was the first time I listened to the audiobook and I found myself talking to my phone. The storyline was just too funny to stop.

Review coming this week but I already started the next book in this series. They are not long audiobooks and they are adorable in their own way. Just what I need during quarantine.

Handling Susannah by Amelia Smarts was on my Audiobook Wish List and grabbed it because it was on Audible Escape. I’m trying to get the most out of my subscription this month because next month I’m probably going to pay for a Scribd subscription, to try it out.

So far, so good. I’m not complainig about the characters or the narrator but I can tell you already I like him more when he narrates Adam’s POV. He does a good job with Susannah but I like his Adam’s voice.

Books, like e-books or paperbacks, I haven’t read this week. I’m still trying hard to find a good schedule for me. Who knew being in quarantine with my family would be more work than when I actually had to go to work.

Still working on the newsletter but honestly, it’s going really slow. So if you are interested in talking or checking what I’m doing, you can come and check my Instagram account @SpicyBooksLady or Twitter @SpicyBooksLady.

Last week I said I’m not as active on Twitter, for some strange reason. I do know the reason. Twitter can be a black hole for me so I try to not get on it as much as possible. That being said, I’m looking for a good way to share my book review blogs on there without me having to manually put it up.

Here are the links to the Book Reviews published this week.

The Rancher’s Unexpected Nanny by Mary Sue Jackson

His Everything by Frankie Love

Down to You by Jayne Frost

Paying a Cuckold Husband’s Debts Series by Raven Merlot

As If The Whole World Were Watching by P. Nelson

Let’s Pretend by River Laurent

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How are you doing? Are you staying safe?
What books are you reading at the moment?

I leave you with a big virtual hug.
Be strong, be safe and read on.

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