#BRMondays – What the Cuff? by Celia Kyle

Published March 22nd, 2012
Print Length: 51 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica

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My Review

Hands down awesome book! It may be a 2012 release but My God it was just fantastic. Short, sexy, full of everything I love about Celia Kyle’s work, and her shifter stories are one of the best I’ve read for years.

Lyssa is a wolf shifter and she finds her boyfriend, dick deep into another woman, on their bed. How she did not kill him on the spot I would never know. She showed a lot of self-restraint when she walked away from that situation. The 4 bottles of alcohol after that, wasn’t such a great idea.

Caleb is phenomenal. I love him to pieces. Not only does he have everything ready for this situation but also, he has been waiting on Lyssa for years, literally. I would have never thought of what he used to make her not noticing something important about their relationship but it was clever.

What can I say? I love this freaking book. From Lyssa not killing her ex-boyfriend to Caleb having silver cuffs to keep her when he wanted her to be until all was said and done. I also love the neighbors calling the cops on a cop (Caleb) because of “noise complains”.

51 pages of awesomeness. I just wish I could get my hands on a printed copy, sadly there’s only the digital version of the book now.

I would recommend this book time and time again. If you like hot, shifter romances, fated mates, a fiery-tempered female, and a cop with cuffs ready to be used on said female, pick this book up.

About the Author

Ex-dance teacher, former accountant and erstwhile collectible doll salesperson, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Celia Kyle now writes paranormal romances for readers who:

1) Like super hunky heroes (they generally get furry)

2) Dig beautiful women (who have a few more curves than the average lady)

3) Love laughing in (and out of) bed.

It goes without saying that there’s always a happily-ever-after for her characters, even if there are a few road bumps along the way. Today she lives in central Florida and writes full-time with the support of her loving husband and two finicky cats.

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