Book Review – Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks

Published September 3rd, 2016
Print Length: 101 pages
Genre: Adult Fiction, BDSM, Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian,

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My Review

This story was my second Milana Jacks read and I can honestly say I enjoyed it.

Rey lives in a human colony on what’s left of Earth. Her situation is full of abuse but she remains strong in her own way. I liked her because she was resourceful and even though she was afraid, she did what she had to do, more for herself than anyone else.

The Alpha Beast wanted a wife or that’s what he said to the humans. There’s a secret about the beasts getting wives but the humans can’t know about it. I liked him, even though he was rough and unapologetic about who he was, he treated Rey the best he could. When he found out about her being blind, he showed how much he cared for her, and I appreciated that.

The world-building was well done. It was mostly explained at the beginning of the book but the reader can see more of the outside once Jamie takes Rey with him.

The writing is simple but effective and this book has sex scenes in it, that may or may not include some form of BDSM.

If you can take your mind off the fact that this is fiction and let your mind go to this dystopian world, you probably will enjoy this story. There’s also a very good hook, not a cliff-hanger, to peak the reader’s curiosity for the next book in the series.

What made me lower my rating was a conversation that both main characters almost at the end of the story. I know logically that it was the move the author decided to take. I just wish Rey would talk a bit more about her past before that moment, but I understand that there were fears and things to overcome first.

The next book in the series is Wild Beast Mate and I’m curious to see how Vice is going to get his wife to stay with him.

About the Author

Milana grew up with tales of water fairies that seduced men, vampires that seduced women, and Babaroga who’d come to take her away if she didn’t eat her bean soup. She writes sci-fi fantasy romance with over-the-top heroes from her home on Earth where she lives with her mate and their three little monsters. * Safe from cheating, other woman drama, and with HEA every time, Milana’s stories will entertain you. Try one!

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