#Nameathon TBR List

To be completely honest with you, I forgot about this #readathon until this morning when I got into Instagram and shaw Under The Covers Book Blog’s post about it.

I said to myself “Better late than never” and I made my To Be Read List from the first letters of Spicy Books Lady’s name.

You can find the Prompts for each letter of your name on “#Nameathon Announcement” from UTC book blog.

Loving Lakyn by Charlotte Reagan
S = Red Cover

Lakyn James is sixteen years old and hating every second of it. He was supposed to be done, he’d tapped out. End of story, unsubscribe here. Suicide “attempt”, they said. His intentions had no “attempt” in them.

Disclaimer: This book has triggers. The author, Charlotte, did an outstanding job at writing them down chapter by chapter so I’ll leave a link to her explanation here: Loving Lakyn Trigger List.

When Charlotte Reagan debut novel came out, Lakyn was the secondary character that stood out the most for me. I wanted to read his story right away back then but it wasn’t released yet. When I saw it on Kindle Unlimited this year I got it and it has been in my borrowed list for months. Time to read it!

El Laberinto de la Rosa by Titania Hardie
B = Beautiful Cover

When Lucy King receives a heart transplant, she gets more than a new ticker —she gets the memories, friends, and quest of donor Will Stafford, a descendant of Queen Elizabeth’s spiritual adviser, John Dee. Soon, Lucy’s on the trail of a secret protected by generations of Dee’s heirs. Unfortunately, ruthless fundamentalists pursue, convinced that Dee’s secret holds the key to the Rapture. A softer, semifeminist riff on The Da Vinci Code.

My birthday was August 11th and I had been posting book covers I’ve seen on bookstores on my Whatsapp Status. Books I have been looking at for years but never bought for one reason or another.

My cousin and her husband saw them, understood my idea of wanting a book for my birthday and got me this one in paperback form. Thank you!

Everly by S.M. Shade
L = One-Word Title

The first time I met Mason Reed, we were standing naked in a bank, surrounded by guns.

That should have been a warning.

I bought this book in June 2016, in love with the blurb and the cover. To this day it sat unread on my Amazon Cloud. Just because of the broken heart on the cover I think this one is going to make me cry. Time to read this gorgeous book.

#NameAThon is a Read-A-Thon created by Under the Covers Book Blog and Ideally Inspired Reviews. It runs not only on blogs but on all social media platforms. Take a look and you will find anything regarding it by following the hashtag “nameathon”.

Image from UTC Book Blog

*The covers displayed on this blog post are images from Goodreads linked to the respective book page on Amazon.