[Book Review] The Virgin Sex Queen by Angela Verdenius

To be totally honest with you all, like I always want to be… I don’t remember how on earth I came upon this book… *A thought came to mind* Oh, maybe was during my Plus Size search on Goodreads… *Thinks that it was probably that time* Yeah…

*Wave a hand dismissively* The point is I got this book and I had it for months and months and months before I actually decided to read it… and boys and girls I enjoy it so freaking much.

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Contemporary Erotic Romance (Chick Lit) publish date February 11th, 2013

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Two weeks of lust and laughter…

Sophie Willow – erotic romance writer, experienced, the ultimate Sex Queen. Unfortunately, it’s all in her head – the experienced part, that is.

Alan Cooper – this cute cop has discovered her secret, and he reckons he’s just the man to give her the experience she needs.

Will two weeks be enough, or will it leave them wanting more?

My thoughts on The Virgin Sex Queen

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

In my case, personally and for this book, was “Don’t judge a book by the first chapter“.

The heroine gets pull over for speeding by a two hot cops, one more than the other, and she just  happen to be an erotic writer, and also happens to have a box with her books for a book signing in the back of her car.

Maybe it was just the time (after midnight) that I started to read that my brain was not in the right place or whatever but I kept on reading and “Oh Boy!” the book turned out to be so freaking funny and good that I want to grab another of Angela Verdenius books already.

Sophie it’s a real person to me, with her curbs and the way she goes by doing things, specially how she deal with her fans because she is a famous erotic writer that assure everyone that she tries everything she writes, which it’s not the case.

Alan it’s the high school boy that every girl wanted to date or be with even for a night. The playboy that got every girl he gets his eyes on. And today he is a cop in the town where they grow up. Also, he has a wicked sence of humor and loves to tease Sophie when he can, which made their interaction even more fun to read because Soph can give as much as she takes.

The way Alan founds out about Sophie’s secret and the way both end up playing it against the mean neighbors wife it’s just one of the highlights of their bartenders. And the scenes were they are finally together are so sweet and hot that I didn’t know if I should sigh or get even more hot and bother *laughs*

I loved the story and it was so well done that I just couldn’t stop reading until I was done with the book and I can’t say enough good things about it. I think it was very realistic, because I could totally see Sophie being a real person going thru the things she did and Alan being there and fall in love with her, even to the point of dragging his partner to stalk her at a book signing *laughs even more remembering* This is a love story of those that you will enjoy and have really fun time reading.

The beginning was a little something for me. I read too much and when I read the first chapter I got some thoughts about it but I can’t express how happy I’m that I kept on reading. Sometimes this happens, I’m sure you on the other side of the screen, have got a book on your hands that gave you the deyavu feeling at the first paragraph.

I will say it again:

Don’t you dare stop reading a book just because the first chapter sounds like something you have read before… You could be missing out on a great story.

Do I Recommend This Book?

Go! What are you waiting?

Are you on the look out for a hot, funny, erotic romance? A strong female character with enough curves to make your mouth water and a snarky response to any joke or teasing that the males throw at her. A Sex Goddess to her readers and fans, but a total Virgin to the man who finally put his hands on her. Love can be found and sometimes a man can do crazy things for jealousy *snicker* What two people fall in love without knowing the are actually in love and find out the way the two of them finally acknowledge it… and shout at the other *laugh out loud* before going at it and have a happy ending.


I think this falls under the category of spying.

I’m not spying.

My mistake. Stalking.

Please don’t be someone I have to see dead in a car one day. Don’t be the one that makes my mates knocks at my door to tell me you’ve been killed due to speeding. Please Soph… Don’t be the statistics that breaks me.

I’m glad you brought it up, because I was scared stiff you were going to spring the nipple clamps and strap-on dildos and things on me one night and I’d have a heart attack.

Oh baby. What about a sac ring?

Not on your bloody life.


star-29311_640 star-29311_640 star-29311_640 star-29311_640 star-29311_640

I have no doubt about it. This book was so much what I need it. Light hearted but with a great story and great characters that didn’t dissapoint. I’m deffinitevely picking another of Angela’s books soon.



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