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refrain-coverRefrain by Kennedy Ryan

Soul Series

(Book #3)

Kindle Edition: 186 pages

Published: August 15th 2016

Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance, College

Kindle Version ~ Goodreads

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

People dream of a love that runs deep. So deep it feels like it’s always been with you, just waiting for the person who’ll own your heart and soul forever. So few ever find it, but for Rhyson Gray and Kai Pearson, happily ever after was only the beginning…

One of the biggest rock stars in the world and one of the brightest rising stars make a life together. Sometimes it’s glamour-filled days and blissed out nights, but it’s mostly staying true in the too-bright glare of the spotlight. It’s long stretches where the road is lonely and the work is hard. It’s living in a love that’s the safest place you know even while danger lurks at your door.

Book 3 of The Soul series is an emotionally-charged epic conclusion that had to be told and should not be missed for fans of this series and this couple!

My thoughts on Refrain

WARNING: This have spoilers. You’ve been warned.

I have to make the formal note that I got and ARC from Kennedy Ryan for this book. It got to my hands *stops for a moment* not my actual hands, because it was an electronic copy, but you understand me. The point is I got this book a week before release day and you have no idea how much I struggle to read it.

Also I have to mention that I revised this blog post more than 5 times to take out as much spoilers as I could, since this is going up the day after the release and some readers may not have been privy to the insides of the book just yet when the stumble open this review *wink*

Kai and Rhyson as characters in the previous books were what rocked my world out of balance while I was immerse in their lives, and I didn’t know if I wanted to know more because being honest, the ending of Down to My Soul was amazing. It did leave a few questions to answer for readers that want more of the couple but for a series it was just right.

This book tells what goes beyond that amazingly satisfying ending.

Kai and Rhys move on in life with a great chance and the problems that every other couple have, except for the fact that he is insanely rich and famous, and she is just new in the industry.

The fact that Kai reminds herself of facts like she doesn’t want to be the jealous girlfriend that doesn’t trust her boyfriend just because he is famous and has more opportunities to cheat on her that any other man. Or the fact that they are totally honest with one another even if what they hear is not what they’d like to hear, for example the conversation between Kai and Rhys about having a baby now.

This little details are what makes Kennedy Ryan stay on my top list of favorite authors, because she is telling a contemporary romance story and at the same time it feel like I’m still reading the personal diary of them both. Just like it was in the previous books.

Talking about characters we see more of Bristol and Grip, the way they both want one another but are too stubborn to do anything about it. At the end I just hope the don’t lose each other because they are being too hard-headed.

We also see a little more of Cassie, Kai’s sister and her father. Honestly? I still don’t like that man, no matter his motives or anything, I just plain don’t like him. Cassie on the other hand, even though she doesn’t show much, gets me a feeling of loyalty that says a lot and also doesn’t strike me bad as her father. The man is not actually mean but damn… he just rubs me the wrong way, that’s all.

In the end I have to say that this was a great way to end Kai and Rhys story. Poetic writing, not having skipped a page and a book full of highlights later I can close this chapter with a satisfying smile on my face and with eagerness to read Bristol’s story, which I already saw is in the makings.


If the eyes are the window to the soul, Rhyson draws frosted shutters over his better than anyone I know.

Kai is the living, breathing address that is home. She’s my entire damn zip code.

“You know it is, Pep. Every inch is yours.” I don’t just mean every inch of my cock. I mean every inch of my body. Every acre of my heart. Every ounce of my soul, poured out like and offering for her to do with as she pleases.

This thing watering my eyes, clogging my throat, clamping my chest it’s more than emotion, more than feeling that could fail or flee. It’s the most precious thing I’ve ever had.

“I don’t feel pressure to make you my wife,” he continues, “Because in my mind, you already are.”

If power screwed luxury up against a wall and made an auto baby, this car would be it.

The beat anchoring our melody, strong and percussive. I’m quiet and still until it thumps inside of me. Until I hear our love. That song, that refrain that hums through my very blood and inundates my soul until every note, every phrase, every measure drowns out everything else. Our song isn’t one I’ve ever written or sung. It’s the one that plays between our souls.


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FYI... I won’t ever look at a luxury car the same way after Kai’s comment about the Panamera *grins*



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