#BRMondays – The Present by Patrick Khayler


Published January 1th, 2017 by Patrick Khayler
Amazon Kindle: 257 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Menage

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Lisa and Davis love each other as much as any two people can. With the children gone for a single evening for the first time ever, the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary already promises unbridled pleasure. A chance meeting with recent divorced Becky leads Lisa to stumble on the opportunity of a lifetime and she realizes she’s found a priceless object both she and Davis have long desired. If she can just acquire this perfect present, a lust-filled erotic fantasy beyond imagining will provide them all with a night they’ll never forget.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!


How to describe the first book of 2017?

It was a fantastic Present for a single woman like me, with a love for erotic novels and menage. Add to that the fact that it left me longing to find what Lisa and Davis have and you just wrapped it with the perfect bow.

It took me a while to read it. Why? Since I gave it 5 stars, you may be asking. The reason why it’s because I had high expectations of this book and I was putting it off. It was a stupid thing to do… putting it off.

This story it’s narrated in third person. Three points of views are shown throughout the whole book, in a way that syncs every scene with the next without any inconvenience.

Each and every main character in this book (Lisa, Davis and Becky) has a distinct personality. I enjoyed immensely how Becky was able to grow and become a stronger woman within a single day around Lisa and Davis.

I love that when they’ve met in college, Lisa and Davis, she thought he was just an average guy, nothing that should have caught her attention, but did. It’s the unexpected meddling of fate that brought them together. This kind of proves to me that you can be a normal person, not a hunk of a guy, and still find love and happiness.

The relationship between Lisa and Davis has a strength that makes me envious. A relationship like them, would be like finding the Golden Ticket to a happy life. I’m not saying the marriage it’s without the negative things, and that’s talked about in the book, but over all, it’s a pretty strong marriage.

What Davis and Lisa have, that just blows my mind, is a trust in each other that cannot be explained in words. Same with the connection they share. Doing what they’re doing on this 10th Wedding Anniversary, by bringing a third into their bed, it’s something few people could do without breaking their marriage.

Patrick Khayler, the author, did an incredible job at portraying the relationship between Davis and Lisa, to the reader. I could feel the connection, the trust, the knowing that no matter what happened that night, they were going to come out of it even stronger, loving each other more than before.

Becky is one of the main points in this book that I focus on because I felt related to her. No matter I was never married, but I had boyfriends before and let me tell you, they were not so good in bed.

She was a recently divorced teacher. Gorgeous in her own right but never really appreciated for herself. He ex was a douche-bag that treated her poorly, and that it’s putting it softly.

Becky needed to be shown how life could be when you find the right person. She needed to feel her first real male-induce orgasm and other mind-boggling things she did managed to learn the night she accepted Lisa’s invitation to join the couple in bed. A one-night-stand that would be remembered forever.

Did I mentioned this is an erotic novel? Well, in case I didn’t, now you know and what an erotic novel it is. There is no detail spared, just so you know, you will see everything in this book when it comes to the sex scenes, and Patrick it’s a master at showing the details. I felt like I was there, going personal with the characters and getting worked up by the second. And why not say it? Getting jealous by the second too, because damn!

There were two little details I notice but since they were not a big deal for me, they didn’t influence me at the time of my rating:

1.The descriptions sometimes were too long. I was tempted, more than once, to skip some sections with descriptions because they look to be too long. I didn’t skip though and I’m proud of myself for that.

2.There was this moments when the points of view changed from one character to another that were not marked. You could lose track of who was talking if you were not careful. I didn’t because I was reading slowly and paying attention to details.


Patrick Khayler lives in Texas with his wife of many years and two children. Together, they enjoy active family vacations to exotic locations with diverse outdoor activities such as camping, biking and SCUBA diving. He enjoys reading everything, regardless of genre, in any subject that manages to hold his interest at the time.

In fiction, Patrick enjoys stories with detailed character development. Those few gems in which the author has pulled the reader in so deeply, the reader can no longer determine where their own life ends and the protagonist’s begins. Stories where the reader is engrossed the entire time, turning page after page just to find out what happens to themselves. They have lived every moment of each character’s background or know others who have. They can actually see themselves acting in the same way and know it is themselves living the fantasy. Hoping it will never end.

Patrick Khayler’s first book, The Present, was written as a gift to his wife for her birthday. Written in the erotic romance genre that she enjoys so much, he wanted to compose a story set within the realm of probable while still providing an absolute and total escape from reality. Two people, parents, who love each other completely, actively searching to fulfill their own sexual fantasies… Together.

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