#BRMondays – Diversify by Jay Hope


Book #3 – The Altered Series
Published January 18th 2015 by AuthorHouse

Amazon Kindle: 153 pages
Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

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Jordan Shaffer woke up to find that he’d been the subject of one of the military’s crazy experiments. Jordan never wanted to be back under their thumb, but that’s not even the worst part. To be saved, he’d needed to not only be melded, but to receive the healing bite of a certain blond. A blond that, even with their new link, doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him.

The last thing that Nikita wanted was to be linked to a man like Jordan. The man had heartache written all over him, but when forced with the decision to let him die or to bite him, she bit, linking them in a way that she never imagined was possible. Just when things were starting to look up between them, Nikita’s twin turned up in trouble. Nikita was forced to make a decision that, if she survived, may permanently damage the little bit of trust she and Jordan have.


WARNING: Read at your own risk.

It took me a lot of months since the time I bought this book last year (2016), to actually read it. The reason why is because I’ve loved the last two books of the series and, I knew the number of books is currently four. I only have one more until I run out of books by Jay Hope and trust me, that upsets me because I’m invested with this series since book one.

Will and Bodhi’s stories, which were the first two books of the series, were a blast to read. In fact, Bodhi’s book was my favorite so far and I still have to put a review here about it. But going back to Diversify, I knew that Shaffer story was going to come with some twists and turns, and believe me, Jay Hope did not disappoint.

The Altered series is about humans mixing their DNA’s with animals. That being said, Jordan Shaffer was a freaking surprise for me, not only he was mated to Nikita, Marcus niece, he also is a… *shuts up at the last second* Ok, sorry, mayor spoiler aborted there. When I read what Marcus did with Jordan’s DNA I was stunned. I was not expecting that twist right there, almost at the beginning of the book.

Nikita has the coolest DNA mix, leaving her mate aside, of course. I just loved it when Jay Hope revealed in the story what she was and let me give you a little clue: she can fly! How cool is that?! Also, she is a very shy, loyal to her family and friends, non-violent person. The saying goes “The quiet ones are the most dangerous”, and in Nikita’s case, they are right.

My notes for this story are all over the please. I was talking to the Kindle App on my phone like it was going to respond back to me. Did that ever happened to you? I could see the mistakes that the characters where going to do before they did and, it was somewhat frustrating, because it was like they couldn’t associate things that happened to other people with what was happening to them.

Each character has a past and dark situation in their lives, some more dark than others, that they need to overcome. I think the way Nikita and Jordan overcome their baggage together was great, an amazing journey to watch, even when you wanted to knock some sense into one or the other, sometimes.

I absolutely adored the few SEAL references that Jay Hope dropped in the story. I believe it validates things that people know but sometimes take for granted about the military men. I also loved the story telling abilities of this author because she really makes me feel the feelings and root for the characters while reading each page.

He’s blue eyes were intense, as he looked down at me. He brought his hand to my face, the backs of his fingers caressing my cheek. I closed my eyes briefly and leaned into his touch. It was instinctual. I craved it, even if I didn’t want to.

There were times like on the quote above where I could picture the scene in my head so vividly it was sweet and sexy. Jay Hope has a way to describe things that it’s beautiful to read. The vocabulary it’s not complicated. The story flows amazingly from beginning to end, with a few moments when you’d go “WHAT?”

There was one thing that bugged me a little too much. I had a problem with something Kyle said to Nikita because I thought he said it was NOT his – – – – –, but at another time he told Jordan that it was his – – – – –. So what was it? It’s his or not?! At the end it was, but the confusion was something I did not like. The conversation between Nikita and Kyle was not so clear, for me at least.

Now *takes a big breath* I know the next book it’s Hollywood’s book, not Kyle’s and there is no book for him in site, yet. There is a book five on this series for this year, possibly, but not Kyle’s and I just want to take my time at the end of this review to say that I want Kyle’s story. Ok? Ok.

If you have not read Contrive and Adapt. What are you waiting for? I can tell you it’s a fun, interesting, mysterious ride on each story. I did not regret it and I think you will enjoy this stories to, so go get the books and after your done, come back and tell me if I was right or wrong about my recommendation.

If you want to know what – – – – – means, comment and I will tell you *smile*


I am a wife and mother of two. I’ve published 4 books, Contrive, Adapt, Diversify, and Encompass, books 1 through 4 of the Altered series and I am currently working on book 5, Rebirth. I am hoping to one day make my Altered series into a movie! Most of what I write is fiction/suspense/romance because it is what I love to read. I also enjoy sci-fi, so most of my books have that side to them as well.
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