#BRMondays – Barbarian’s Redemption by Ruby Dixon


Published February 6th, 2017
Amazon Kindle: 238 pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Aliens, Colonization

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For seasons, I have waited for her – my perfect mate.

In a tribe full of happy couples, I am alone. But I am not content to remain this way. There are no eligible unmated females left, so I will do whatever it takes to bring females back to our tribe…even if it means doing something wrong. Even if it means I must purchase my mate on the intergalactic black market. I will do anything to possess her, to claim her as my own.

But will my ruthless move turn my female against me before we ever meet? Can she ever forgive a male that bought her freedom?


I will start this review by saying that this book is #13 on the Ice Planet Barbarian Series. As you may imagine, there is a lot of previous information that was given to the readers from the beginning.

That being said, I believe you can pick this book up and not need to read the previous ones to understand what’s going on. You will see a lot of names that you won’t recognize because they are from the other books, but the Barbarian’s Redemption story stands on its own.

Bek is a character that I’ve learned to tolerate. He does things with good intention but the way he goes about it is just wrong. He messed up big time and gets punished by his Chief, but the worst part is that he is not sorry for what he did.

Elly was taken at a very young age and has been a slave practically all her adult life. She doesn’t like to be touch. She doesn’t trust anyone. She does not speak.

This two go into a very bumpy ride together in this book. She has to learn to trust and be a person again. He has to understand that what he did was wrong in so many levels, but he also needs to make her understand she is safe with him, forever.

I have no problems saying this is, most likely, my favorite book of the series. Not only I loved the character development but the story itself that moved the whole world forward a little more.

Ruby Dixon has a great skill when it comes to writing. I’m not a fan of science fiction romances but she is one of my favorite authors in the genre.

I will recommend this series to anyone that love a great world development that goes on with each passing book. Characters that grow every day a little more and hook you, making you want to read about a day more.


Ruby Dixon loves to write sexy, dirty things. Right now she’s obsessed with dirty aliens. She’s also dabbled in dirty bikers, dirty bears, and well, just dirty things in general.

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