#BRMondays – Holding the Cards by Joey W. Hill


Published January 16th, 2017 (Second Edition) by Story Witch Press
Amazon Kindle: 237 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, BDSM, D/s

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Lauren is a successful doctor with a healthy attitude toward sex, unashamed of her proclivities as a sexual dominant. She wants love and a family, but she’s beginning to believe there is no Mr. Right willing to stand by her in sickness and health…and be cuffed, stripped and smacked with a riding crop.

Then her friend Lisette invites her to spend a long weekend on a private island. It turns out Lisette can’t come with her, but Lauren opts to go anyway, with no one for company but Joshua, the island caretaker, and his visiting friend Marcus. Though both men are beautiful, it is Joshua who catches Lauren’s attention, and not just because Marcus prefers men.
Something in Josh’s stormy eyes calls to her.

When Marcus facilitates a game of submission and control between the three of them that will last throughout the weekend, Lauren embraces the opportunity. Josh overwhelms her with his willingness to submit to her body’s desires, but her heart wants to get to the secrets behind those eyes. She is going to have to tear down his defenses and make him give her everything. And this is one Mistress who doesn’t take no for an answer…


I’m not kidding you when I say I have had Joey W. Hill books for two years and never picked one up, until now. Also, its fair to say I’m reviewing the audiobook version of this story, because I honestly think it was a huge factor as to why I love this book so much.

Holding the Cards has an amazing set of characters. Lauren, the Domme; Josh, the Sub; and Marcus, the Gay Dom. Even though this cast is full of variety, the story itself is cohesive and focus on the development of Lauren and Josh, this was after all their story.

This book is about the emotional journey of Lauren and Josh. Add into the mix that they are into the world of BDSM and what happen to them, as background, is also in that world, the thing turns heavy. There are a lot of funny moments, not only heavy ones and not only sexy ones but there is one constant, the eroticism in this book is of the chart high.

I think that this book in audio version is the best thing that could have happen, to me. I believe this story needs to be appreciated, read in increments, not in one sitting, why? There is so much to take in and process that reading in one sitting would be overwhelming. So much would be lost to you…

Listening to the audiobook without pressure or any type of rush was such a breath-taking experience. It did a great job at telling the story in a way that made me forget that all of the events happened in a short span of time, right until Lauren thinks about it at some point after the 70% mark *roll eyes*

Maxine Mitchell is the narrator and I liked her voice, the tones for each characters distinct voices, the pace of the story. I can’t say she is my favorite narrator for audiobooks but she did a pretty good job.

I need to say I firmly believe that 85% of the reason why I love this book to my very bones was the writing. Joey W. Hill is a genius in my opinion and is right up there with Cherise Sinclair *whispers in a conspirator way* Joey is my new favorite of the two. Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone *smile*

Lastly, I have to say that if BDSM, character development being the center of the story and broken characters are not your thing in Erotic Fiction Romance, this book may not be for you. Everyone has different tastes and that’s great *smile*

In my case, I freaking love this thing from beginning to end, and what an ending that was. I could go on talking about this book so much more but I’m going to shut up now. I love Holding the Cards and I hope you give a try *sigh in-love*


An RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award recipient in Erotic Romance, Joey W. Hill has well over thirty titles available in contemporary and paranormal erotic romance. Her characters include everything from vampires, mermaids, witches and angels, to boardroom executives, cops and simple housemaids.

Though much of her work is BDSM, she has built her reputation on award-winning romances with absorbing characters who not only attract fans of the genre, but readers who would “never” read BDSM romance. “Whatever genre you’re writing, if the characters are compelling and sympathetic, the readers are going to want to see what happens to them. It can be the coolest storyline ever, but if the reader could care less whether the hero or heroine survive (in fact, in some cases they may be rooting for their destruction just so they can be done with the darn thing), then it’s not a story worth reading.”

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