#BRMondays – Savage by Kira Blakely


Published February 12th, 2018
Print Length: 278 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance


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My Review

It’s not been so long that I’ve delighted myself with one of Kira Blakely books, but I still think it’s been long enough that reading “Savage” reminded me of why I like this author stories.

Olivia is a young woman whose family has died and left her in charge of her 2-year-old niece. Her younger brother is still alive but not much help in any way, shape or form. She has to raise Penny on her own, that’s what her big brother said in the will. She is feeling overwhelmed and there is Beckett, the boy next door, turned hot guy, she has been in love since forever.

Beckett has lived a shallow life, focusing only on work and parting to forget his obsession from younger years, Olivia. His best friend little sister. The same best friend whose death he feels guilty over. When he sees Olivia in a high-end restaurant, he can’t let go. She is, after all, his.

What I love about Kira Blakely’s work is that her couples feel relatable and, at some level, realistic. That allows the reader to form a connection and I couldn’t let that connection go, no matter how many finals I have this week *sheepish smile* Yeah, I have read this book instead of studying.

Character development, the pace that the relationship takes to get from point A to point B, the suspense, the drama that it’s added, the touch of danger… I could keep going but I guess you understand my point. There are a lot of thing done so well in this book that I can’t help but love it. Add to that, that the writing was correctly done, not many details about spelling (I found only one). I can’t complain.

Now, since I don’t have censorship on my blog about this things. The scenes with sex in them… fiuuuu *cleans the sweat from her forehead* Those are hot and sexy. The dominant aspect of Beck in this scenes is way sexier than I was expecting.

The only reason this book didn’t reach the 5-star review it’s a selfish one. I really wanted Beck to sick the loan shark onto the aunt and uncle… Ok, not only because of that. Blame Beck annoying me a little with his “I can’t love her” train of thought through out the book.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout

About the Author

All I’ve ever wanted to do for years is write my own books. I spent an ungodly amount of time ghostwriting a few bestsellers for other authors before realizing it was time to start taking credit for my own work.

My personal struggles in life, love, and money have driven me to start doing what I love most: Writing full time.

I started writing when I was a teenager. I fell in love with a boy who didn’t quite love me back–admittedly, I was terribly insecure and slightly overweight–and the entire experience drove me to start practicing my craft. Writing helped me to escape, to reimagine a world where happy endings actually existed. If I couldn’t have the love of my life, I’d just create Mr. Right in my romance novels… with maybe a few embellishments.

I’ve found my calling. Having the experience of doing what I love most as a full time job has given me happiness and confidence galore. And, soon after I found those, I was able to find companionship. Shout out to my guy and my kitty!

I so hope you enjoy my books! I wish you the very best in this crazy thing called life.

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