#BRMondays – Ghosts of Averoigne by Krista Wolf


Published February 27th, 2018
Print Length: 323 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Mystery and Suspense, Fantasy, Ghosts, Psychics



My Review

In my lifetime, so far, I can count on the fingers of my right hand how many ghost stories I’ve honestly enjoyed. In fact, I can’t even recall the last time I did have a good time with a ghost romance. That’s why I’m pleasantly surprised writing this review.

Krista Wolf’s debut novel and obviously I have never heard of her before but I’m so grateful that her book catch my eye when I was looking for ARC’s on BookSprout. I can swear, with my hand over my heart, it won’t be the last book of hers I read. She left such a lasting impression on me that I won’t forget her easily.

The whole mystery surrounding Averoigne drove me deep into the book and kept me hooked right were I was. The well-crafted characters, the tension, the steam and the suspense were icing on the book-cake. I was incredibly fascinated with the plot, so much so that I felt the book ended much faster than I was expecting but left me fulfilled. That being said, I want more.

Not only the characters were incredibly well-crafted, liked I mentioned before, but each of them stuck to their personality *happy sigh* Most of the time, my reviews go down a little because of personality changes or because the author doesn’t notice that there is transferring from one character to another. Krista Wolf did not have that problem with her characters at all.

Let’s not forget the menage aspect of this story *wink* We have three characters, two of them being ex-boyfriends of sorts of the main female protagonist. Can you imagine the tension in the room? Especially when she hated one of them when the story begins. Oh boy, the steam, the tension, the passion and the sex scenes were just right on point.

I want to talk to you so badly about what happened in this book. My fascination was so picked and I’m still a little high because of it, even though I finished this book a month ago. Paranormal activities are a part of the other world that my open mind wants to hear more about. It scares the crap out of me in real life but like this, in fantasy novels *sigh again all hipped up*

I would recommend this book to the lovers of mystery romances with a touch of paranormal activity in them. It was done to my heart’s content.

*whispers conspiratorially* In fact, I already have her next book for review purposes *excited smile*

Disclaimer: I got an ARC copy of this book via BookSprout

About the Author

Krista Wolf is a lover of fantasy, action, and all things paranormal… as well as a hopeless romantic with an insatiably steamy, dirtier side.

She writes suspenseful, mystery-infused stories filled with blistering hot twists and turns. Tales in which headstrong, impetuous heroines are the irresistible force thrown against the immovable object of powerful, alpha heroes.

If you like intelligent and witty paranormal romance served up with a razor-sharp, erotic edge? You’ve just found your new favorite author.

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