#BRMondays – Goddess Academy by Clara Hartley

Published June 3rd, 2019
Print Length: 154 pages
Genre: Fairy Tale Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Polyamorous

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My Review

Caramel is a nineteen-year-old girl that just had her heartbroken by another guy. She couldn’t catch a break from them. Still nursing her disappointment and sorrow, she’s kidnapped and taken to the Sanctuary where half-blood girls are trained to become Goddesses. Cara doesn’t want to be there and trouble follows her everywhere she goes, not only that but she finds out about who her mother really is, which brings a whole world of problems of their own.

This is the first book in the Goddess Academy series. A Young Adult Reverse Harem Romance that really gave me pause and made me think a little. I don’t read Young Adult 99% of the time because I’m over 30 now and I can’t empathize with such young characters like I used to but I still wanted to give this book a try.

With that out of the way, let me tell you this book, even though it made me rolled my eyes and mutter stuff under my breath, left me wanting to know what happens in the next installment. The mystery posed in this book as part of the plot got me curious and now I want to know who is the bad guy or girl and what’s going on.

The characters were just like I was expecting them to be, considering this book has young adults everywhere. They are carving their own lives around what’s going on in the moment and some (Liam and Devon) are looking ahead but with grey glasses on. They are being young adults and that’s just fine. I’m the one that’s too old apparently *sigh*

The Reverse Harem part comes from the Goddesses having a few servants are her disposal that have to cater to her needs and keep her safe. The fact that these guys around Caramel are hot and made her forget about her heartbreak incredibly fast, it’s just another perk, right?

Like I mentioned above, I’m very curious to see what’s next because the plot of the story lured me in and hooked me. The fact that the plot develops over the whole series of books it’s a good point because it leads the reader slowly through the whole thing without jamming everything in one book.

I won’t speak about grammar or structure because I’m no expert. What I can say about it is that the 2 minor mistakes I did find were not very noticeable but I was reading very very slowly so I picked them up. At my normal reading speed, I would have not even seen them.

One last little thing. I felt some instances during the reading of this book where I could and would compare it to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. It was specific moments that are normal to occur but I just wanted to let you know I did felt some similarities at times.

This book can appeal to those readers that love Young Adult Romances with a sprinkle of magic and mystery.

Disclaimer: I received an Advance Readers Copy of this book and I’m voluntarily leaving an honest review.

About the Author

Clara Hartley’s work schedule is not unsimilar to a vampire’s. Artist by day, writer by night, she tries to scramble whatever time she can to jot down her stories. Because that isn’t enough to whittle away her creative energies, she likes to spend her free time doodling her characters, or painting worlds. If her brain is too fried, she’ll take a breather, and sit down with a good book. She isn’t the best at keeping relationships–fictional ones, anyway, and has a multitude of book boyfriends who she can’t seem to decide on. Often, she also has to deal with the business side of authoring, and do things like open Microsoft Word and type her bio in third person, which is frankly, quite strange.

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