#BRMondays – Under the Scars by Isabella Morgan

Published August 15th, 2019
Print Length: 246 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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My Review

Violet went to school for a photography degree with the blessing of her mother and with her heartbroken in a million little pieces. The things she had to pull through would have broken a lesser being but she prevailed. Now she’s back in town only to face another heartbreak, but from the ashes, she will become the woman she was meant to be.

Nick had a hard life to live after his father died of cancer. He set up to become a doctor and his ambition in life was to help people with cancer. When he meets Violet his world turns but tragedy struck again, this time to both of them. When they finally see each other after 4 years apart, would they be able to rise over the hurt and misunderstandings to be the couple they were meant to be?

My first piece of advice if you decide to take the plunge and read this book without reading more of this review is: get a box of tissues. I sure as hell needed one when I was reading in bed late at night.

Isabella Morgan had a way to pull on my strings and made me feel all the feels if you know what I mean. It doesn’t help that I’m a mood reader and an emotional person. This book touched my heart. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions if you pick it up.

Writingwise I have to say the author did a very good job for being her debut novel. I did not see grammar mistakes or things that needed to be edited (it could be the tears but…). I love the descriptions, the way she made the characters feel realistic and relatable, the little nuggets of information about the couple that she was showing slowly during the whole book, and the fact that there wasn’t a dull moment in sight.

The characters were well crafted as I said before, they felt relatable and realistic to me. The struggles that both of them went through. Violet asking why over and over again when it came to her parent’s decisions. How the couple dealt with their problems, the misunderstandings that can happen so easily, and I could go on and on but I won’t because you need to read this book.

Would I recommend this book? YES! I would recommend it to anyone that love second chances, people growing and getting through the tough times and happily ever afters.

Again, get a box of tissues before start reading. You will thank me later on.

Disclaimer: I received an advance readers copy of this book from the author. This is my unbiased review.

About the Author

Isabella Morgan is a Canadian born book lover and Book Blogger who decided to take the leap into writing and finally publish her first book that she’s been working on for over four years!

Although she spends most of her days working full time, she still squeezes in as much writing time as possible, bringing to life characters that people can relate to… with a good amount of steamy scenes!

With her pup by her side and a nice big mug filled with coffee, she can easily get sucked into a good romance for hours on end.

She currently has an obsession of binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy all while creating new characters in her head to spill onto the pages for you to read!

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