Book Review – Beast of Mine by Marian Tee

Published November 19th, 2019
Print Length: 191 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Mystery Erotica, Erotic Mystery

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My Review

Lysander is the Prince of Fae and Estrella is the sister of a Monster. They were not supposed to be together but she ends up becoming his wife. A whole lot of problems and they have to rely on trust and love at the end of the day. Can they make it?

The style of writing reminds me of historical romances because the words used are not contemporary. That’s obvious as soon as you start reading the book. I’m not upset by it because it suits the story but I wasn’t expecting the vocabulary.

Also, this book is part of a series or something, and I wasn’t aware of this. You can totally read it without reading any other book but you get the feeling that something is missing or that you should know some of the other characters more at this point.

Lysander and Estrella were great characters. I was drawn to them both and their incredible journey, more so when the blurb was confirmed and I got to see what was going on. It was a stupid move to not tell her the truth from the beginning, especially when he was asking for honesty himself.

The side characters looked well developed and I appreciated all the information that I got from them. Especially the twins. I’ll wait for those two to have books because I can almost imagine what that would be like.

What I liked:

The whole premise of the story draw me in but what hooked me was the last part of the blurb and Marian Tee did not disappoint. The whole thing with Estrella not being his first choice became very crucial in the story. At least in the way I saw it.

I liked Estrella as the main character. She may be shy, geeky and sometimes too innocent but she has a strong core. I have to give her full credit because having a husband like Lysander could test you like no other and she made it seem so normal at times. I loved it.

What I didn’t like:

His stupidity when it came to the last part of the prophecy. I can’t say more because of spoilers, sorry, but if you read the book you will understand the need to slap him, at the least, for being and idiot.

Also, I wanted certain spy dead. She wasn’t by the time the book was done and I was, and still am, upset about it.

Overall I would recommend this book to those lovers of paranormal romance and sexy times. It has interesting characters, inside squealing, romance, fights, war, shifters and a lot of sex. Like, seriously, a lot of sex *smiles remembering*

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