Book Review – Catching Betsy by Amelia Smarts

Published July 4th, 2017
Print Length: 179 pages
Genre: Historical Romance, Fontier & Pioneer Western Ficion, Western Romance

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My Review

Betsy Blake is 18 and wants to find a husband. Her problem is that she doesn’t want to marry a cowboy and cowboy’s it’s all she sees around where she lives. The solution to her problem was to post a mail-order-groom advertisement that said she was looking for a husband, a gentleman.

Roderick Mason is an architect in New York City. He wanted to find adventure and love at the same time, which is not easy for a man like him. While he was reading the newspaper one day, he saw a mail-order-groom advertisement and responded to it. Next thing he knew, he was moving west to meet Ms. Betsy Blake.

What I Like:

  • I will admit I had my reservation when it came to Jack Leonard. When I first started listening to this story, his voice wasn’t what I was looking for the characters. He proved me wrong because his accent was on point and so good that I listened to the whole book at normal speed. I enjoyed it that much.
  • Adam Harrington is still fantastic on the page even when the book is not about him. As a secondary character and Betsy’s protector, he was great.
  • Roderick and his ideas for creative punishment made me do a double-take. Honestly, I have read my fair share of historical romance stories and I didn’t know you could use ginger root like that!

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Betsy’s stalker was a necessary character but there were so many ways to get rid of him. I would have made him disappear without a trace. I didn’t like how they did it because I wanted more drama.

I would recommend this book to those that love sexy historical romance, stupid stalkers, creative punishments, and spankings, and don’t forget the cowboys *wink*

About the Author

Amelia Smarts is a USA Today bestselling author who writes kinky romance novels containing domestic discipline, spanking, and Dominance/submission. Usually, her stories involve a cowboy, and they always involve a man’s firm hand connecting with a woman’s naughty backside. Amelia holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in creative writing and English. She loves to read, which allows her writing to be influenced by many different genres in addition to romance, including mystery, adventure, history, and suspense.

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