lady-elizabeth-avatar Hello Everyone!

My name it’s Patricia… Shocking, huh?

Nah… I go by me second name, Elizabeth.

See? All it’s good again 😀

I’m a 30 years old single lady that lives with her parents and younger brother in a little country called Paraguay, in South America.

I’m an accountancy student/daughter during the day and a curvy sexy writer at night.

My goal is to help you achieve your own goals.

How can little old me do something like that?

Simple and easy… I’m a procrastinator by heart, bookaholic and erotic writer with a lot of time and experience in getting things done and achieving my goals, my way. Don’t you dare to think my parents take the news of her daughter wanting to be a writer in good spirit, specially an erotic writer.

And that…

My lovely sexy ass readers it’s the main reason I’m here writing for you. The essence of what I do it’s all of you. Being the ones that want to learn how to manage study, writing and reading with actual living; or the ones that are here to enjoy the ups and downs of my writing career; or the ones that enjoy reading my opinion on books I’ve read; or the ones that are here to ask question and… like I say… bug the crap out of me until I answer their questions.

Each and every one of you that reads, participate, comment, ask questions, follow me on social media and more… You are the reason why I keep on writing and learning… Ultimately it’s all about you…

And I love every minute of it :d

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