#BRMondays – Tempt by Remy Blake


Published January 24th, 2017
Amazon Kindle: 96 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Erotica


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They say age is nothing but a number.
Lucas Rockwell isn’t just ten years younger than me, he’s my deceased husband’s son.

Tainted by secrets, everything about us is wrong and forbidden.
Like fire and gasoline, we’re an explosion waiting to happen.

We’re tempting fate with every touch.


WARNING: This review HAVE some SPOILERS.

A step-mom that falls for the unrecognized son of her late husband. This was definitively my type of book to pick up because of the premise alone. The taboo aspect of it all, the fact that she is older than him, that he is her husband’s son, the forbidden side of things, it’s a thrill and a turn on to read about, for me in particular.

That being said. I was expecting more from this story than what I got. It was disappointing to a point, in my opinion, because of the high expectations I had for the book. Even though it had some twists that I was not able to predict, especially about the situation with the husband. The whole step-mom/step-son situations could have had a little more spice to it. Again, I can’t stress enough that this is just my opinion.

She married a man that she thought wanted her, loved her, but she was wrong. Things went down, found him fucking his male best friend who was also married, she had to keep her mouth shut and now he is gone. He had a son with another woman and she didn’t know about that either. At the funeral she meets the son and finds out a few things about her husband that made me want to punch the dead man in the face.

The back and forward between the characters was well done and important. Charlie was worried about a few things, mostly what people would say about him and how being with her would affect him in the future. She knew in her heart she wanted him but there was no way she was going to be the cause of pain for him, in any way.

Lucas lost his father, a man that he didn’t know. The internal debate about his feelings for Charlie and what was really going on, while he was actually getting to know her was a point that I enjoyed a lot. He felt real to me in his pain, even when he was an ass by driving Charlie away in the way he did. His act to get her back was good though.

I did not know Remy Blake was a duo of female and male authors that were writing this story together. That was a shocking revelation after I’ve read the book. That also show how little I research a book/author before reading it *laugh out loud* I saw step-mom and step-son taboo romance and said to myself “This is my kind of book”. I was right.

The writing was well done, I don’t have any complains. For a debut book, in my opinion, the editing was done to the point I couldn’t see a problem with the book. Also, let me warn you that this story is not for reading in public because it guarantees that your will feel hot a bothered *smile* a lot *wink*

I will be on the look out for another Remy Blake book in the future that’s for sure. I want to see what else this promising duo can come up with.


Remy Blake is a male and female author duo, paired up to have some fun writing steamy, short reads with insta love/lust and a HEA. You can expect twice the debauchery in every novel they write.

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