#BRMondays – Bound by Cotton by Patrick Khayler

Bound by Cotton by Patrick Khayler

Published January 15th, 2017
Print Length: 100 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotica

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My Review

Patrick Khayler wrote his first book for his wife and Bound by Cotton is the third one. I can’t think of a better way of writing compelling romance with erotic aspects than writing it for someone you love.

In Bound by Cotton we see Rebecca going on a tour of the Museum and the man in charge of the exhibition has some unique ideas for her. Peter Cotton is someone from another world, another time, another space if you will and he will teach Rebecca what she needs to know.

The world is expanding on each of the stories and I love the reference to the Romanov’s in this particular book. Not only the world was crafter beautifully but the character of Peter, which is the new one, was also amazingly done. Becky I knew but her transformation is something I was eager to watch.

BDSM is one of the things I love to read about. Bound by Cotton has a style of BDSM that not everyone could or would apreciate but I think it was done with taste. I also think this book was so hot that I couldn’t read it fast enough but at the same time I wanted to savor every single word.

There is nothing like Patrick Khayler’s writing style. He can be a little heavy on descriptions at some points in particular but there is always a reason behind what he does. I think his writing is kind of poetic and has an ethereal feel to it, even when he’s taking me into an erotic escene.

I consider this book “The Best Book to read on Easter” if you have a dirty mind. It’s not exactly religious if you get where I’m going with this but I just loved it. I may even make a tradition out of reading this book around this time of the year.

About the Author

Patrick Khayler lives in Texas with his wife of many years and two children. Together, they enjoy active family vacations to exotic locations with diverse outdoor activities such as camping, biking and SCUBA diving. He enjoys reading everything, regardless of genre, in any subject that manages to hold his interest at the time.

In fiction, Patrick enjoys stories with detailed character development. Those few gems in which the author has pulled the reader in so deeply, the reader can no longer determine where their own life ends and the protagonist’s begins. Stories where the reader is engrossed the entire time, turning page after page just to find out what happens to themselves. They have lived every moment of each character’s background or know others who have. They can actually see themselves acting in the same way and know it is themselves living the fantasy. Hoping it will never end.

Patrick Khayler’s first book, The Present, was written as a gift to his wife for her birthday. Written in the erotic romance genre that she enjoys so much, he wanted to compose a story set within the realm of probable while still providing an absolute and total escape from reality. Two people, parents, who love each other completely, actively searching to fulfill their own sexual fantasies… Together.

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