#BRMondays – Stalker by Lolita Lane


Published March 18th, 2017 by Flirt Publishing
Genre: Short Story, Contemporary Romance,

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Some people may think I’m stalking him, but I’m not. I just like…observing, and he happens to be my favorite subject.

I like to call him Mr. X. It’s safer that way, since he’s the hottest doctor in town, and I’d turn into a laughingstock in an instant if people find out I have the audacity of even crushing on him – someone wildly successful, heartbreakingly handsome, and so dangerously charming he can seduce you into doing anything.

I’ve seen it happen one too many times, which is why I know it’s better this way.
I stalk him when I need to de-stress. Fantasize about all sorts of things, which I then write in my journal.

He’s my imaginary boyfriend, and that’s all he was supposed to be until…
The day he suddenly meets my gaze—
Talks to me—
Touches me—
And everything changes.

Warning: This is an over-the-top, completely unrealistic, 100% escapist, insta-lust and insta-love kind of story between a good girl and a bad boy. Expect hot sex, some drama and angst, funny and sweet romance, and borderline taboo fantasies come to life.

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