ARC Review – Playing for Forever by J.C. Grant

Published February 22nd, 2018
Print Length: 437 pages
Genre: Contemporary, Sports Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica


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Warning: This being the 3rd books in the series, the review is bound to have spoilers for those who haven’t read the previous ones.

I have been waiting for this book to come out for ages. I mean, seriously, it feels like it was at least a decade ago I’ve read Playing for Love but it was only in 2016. Having this book arriving on my Kindle was worthy of a happy dance.

David Taylor hasn’t changed and every time I read about him I think he’s smarter than the last time. He’s can be sneaky, conniving, irritating, obsessive, overbearing, domineering and possessive. I wouldn’t have him any other way. I think the man can make mistakes like no other and I would kick his ass at some point in time but I also love him.

Austin… The woman got on my nerves. She can’t make her own damn mind. She wants space, she wants him to call her and check on her. Her self-esteem is almost not there at times but I mostly see her as immature. And don’t get me started on the baby stuff. I know her baggage is huge but OMG she drove me nuts.

The writing, as in the case of the previous books, was on point and incredibly well done. J.C. Grant can get you to see inside those two characters like nobody’s business, even when they are nuts at times. Also, the psychology behind the things that happen and how the books develop was amazingly good.

I would recommend this series for sure. You have to read it in order to understand what happens but I don’t think you would regret that. If you like OTT Alpha male’s you will love David Taylor, just put yourself in Austin’s place while you read the sexy parts *wink*

Disclaimer: I receive an ARC copy of this book
Thanks, J.C. Grant!

About the Author

J.C. Grant was born in Oklahoma and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

She writes super sexy Romance Erotica about Alpha males and the women they love.

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