#BRMondays – The Leader by Shanna Bell

Published February 17th, 2018
Print Length: 191 pages
Genre: Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Italian, Mob


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My Review

I can tell you is that this book made me laugh, hold my breath, sigh, put down the book and pick it up 5 seconds later because I couldn’t wait to know what was next, and so much more.

Jazzy is a strong woman. I love she could be feisty and test Gio’s sanity but she is hilarious, in my opinion, in the way she does it. I just plain love her, she’s loyal, understanding, smart, sexy and has a strong sense of family.

Gio is a bastard but with a good heart. Don’t let what other people say about him fool you, his a good guy, very deep down. His loyalty to his family has no bounds and I think the guy has very good reasons to do what he did.

I love a man that’s not afraid to be himself, don’t ask for forgiveness but don’t be a dick about it either. He told Jazzy what was up and, also told her at front how things went, wherever she liked it or not.

This book has twists and turns that made me happy like I haven’t been in a while. The plot is very interesting, not exactly the most original considering the mafia runs in both families but Shanna Bell get to touch it with a different stroke and I really, really loved it.

It really shows that Shanna Bell took the time to work on this novel. It’s well done in every aspect I can think of at the moment. It has all the right elements and the structure of a great romantic suspense story. The character development was on point and I couldn’t have been happier about it. The steamy scenes were way off the charts and had the wanted result on me *blush*

I would recommend this book left and right to those that love mafia romances with a good dose of smart-ass. The ending is great and leaves you wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

Who is going to get with whom? I can hardly wait to find out.

About the Author

I like reading and writing about sassy women who can save themselves and alpha men with a heart of gold (sometimes). Yay to insta-lust, nay to insta-love.

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