#BRMondays – Almost Glass by Leah Holt

Published September 3rd, 2018
Print Length: 357 pages
Genre: New Adult, Inspirational, Romance



My Review

This book came into my Kindle with a warning and I’ll say it was justified. The warning looks a lot like the author’s note at the bottom of the blurb: Walk through the darkness and you will see the light. The story is raw, realistic, dark and I think for some people, it should come with a trigger warning.

I did not have a problem with the topics addressed in this book but I know of people that could have them. I’ll warn you beforehand. This story has drug abuse, female physical abuse, suicide attempt and deep emotional issues involving the loss of a son.

Lorelei has been through the wringer in life. She’s been dealt with a cold, hard hand and she couldn’t have reacted differently, at least I think she couldn’t, not with all the emotional pain she was carrying and concealing from the world. I felt her pain. This character was raw, felt realistic and touched my heart strings pretty much from the get-go until the end.

Fallon is a man of medicine but he’s also a man that has seen a lot in his line of work to know that some people are worth fighting for. He sees Lorelei for something that she was, in the beginning, but slowly he helps her build herself back up to become the amazing woman he knows she could be. His love and absolute conviction, just as his willingness to stay at her side no matter how many times she falls down the rabbit hole… that man is precious.

The character development in this book was absolutely incredible. I do have to say that at some point Lorelei seemed to act mean for the sake of being mean to me, or even annoying when she yelled at Fallon, but when you put that into context, and you put yourself in her shoes… it fits almost perfectly.

Writing wise I have no complaints what so ever. I did not find any mistakes on my copy of the book or maybe I was just so engrossed that I didn’t even notice them, which is a testament of the story quality and author’s ability if that was the case.

I would recommend this book if you want a taste of the harsh realities of someone’s life while they look for a reason to keep living. I would also recommend you read this book with a box of tissues close by.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout.

About the Author

Growing up in a small town, Leah Holt’s imagination was able to run wild. She loves to write romance with intense alpha guys, the ones we all desire but dare not admit to.

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