ARC Review – But First Coffee by Sarah Darlington


Published September 9th, 2018
Print Length: 323 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Inspirational


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My Review

Lana is a 30 years old woman, CEO of Java Beans, a successful coffee shop company with 10 locations and about to open a new one. Java Beans is her baby, she built it from the ground up and she’s very proud of it. She’s also overwhelmed and stressed because she makes all the major decision. So when she can’t stop hearing the praises for one barista named Joe Coffee, she has to meet him.

Joe is a 24 years old man, with a past that he would rather forget and a future that’s uncertain at best. He’s a good guy, open, honest, funny, charming and endearing. He’s also hiding something and his reasoning for being employed at Java Beans is sketchy at best.

The attraction when this two meet at Lana’s office is undeniable but also mature. None of them acts on impulses, Joe can’t for reasons that you have to read the book to understand and she can’t either because she’s the Boss-lady.

They try to fight the attraction but we know that won’t last. When they finally get together, later in the book, it’s sexy, sweet and impossible to stop. All at the same time.

One of the things I loved the most, besides the fact that the older character was a female, was the switch in power dynamics and the why behind the decisions they make.

The endearing quality of Joe Coffee’s character and Lana’s strong personality of the woman in charge makes this story even better. This book is full of little details that made me think, analyze and realize things that occur on a day to day basis.

I have seen some people saying this book ends on a cliffhanger. Let me clear this up for you: Lana and Joe’s romance ends with a beautiful HEA in this book.

The cliffhanger people are talking about is for a secondary character, Kitty. She’s Joe’s sister and for that fantastic ending, I’ll say: her book is next.

Personally, I believe the ending on this books was the perfect hook. It finalizes one couple’s story and leads you to want to read the next. For a début author, this is golden.

I could sit here and write a longer thorough review, telling you about each detail of this book but I feel that would defeat the purpose of reviewing it. I really recommend you to read “But first, coffee”.

Disclaimer: I’ve voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.
Thanks, Sarah Darlington!

About the Author

Sarah Darlington grew up in a military family traveling the United States –although, she’s called Virginia home for most of her adult life.

She’s the proud mom of two very special kids. She believes in true love, soul mates, unicorns, rainbows, and that Hogwarts really does exist. Before having kids she worked as a flight attendant. And when she’s not writing, she’s busy plotting her next grand adventure.

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#BRMondays – Edge by Drew A. Lennox


Published July 22th, 2018
Print Length: 215 pages
Genre: Romantic Erotica, BDSM, Adult Fiction, Contemporary Romance


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My Review

Xander is a writer and an experienced Dom that happens to connect with Charlie through a social media site. She sends him a message expecting nothing to come from it but he was interested in her, for some reason and so the story begins.

Charlie is a woman that doesn’t know anything about the BDSM community when she first connects with Xander over the internet. Slowly but surely he’s introducing her into what it means leaving the lifestyle.

This book is told in 1st person and from dual perspectives. It was an interesting way to see inside each main characters head while this relationship between them was being built.

I’ve read quite a few BDSM romance novels, some better than others, but this one was different. It wasn’t only the slow burn but also the fact that this story was not focused on the sex aspect of the relationship. The steps that a new submissive has to take and how the trust is gained, along with other important things are discussed in this story.

I have my opinions when it comes to Xander’s POV in this story. They didn’t reach me as much as I thought they would. In fact, they struck me as odd sometimes, but that’s just for me.

I would recommend this book to those that like to read about the BDSM life and to see a partnership/relationship form from ground zero, without too much sex in the middle.

Disclaimer: I’ve voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.
Thanks, Drew A. Lennox!

About the Author

My name is Drew A. Lennox and I’m an author in the erotic romance genre, focusing on BDSM. My first series is called the DISCOVERING BDSM series and starts with the book EDGE – A BDSM Romance. I am currently working on Book two, Feather. Take a chance, it won’t be like any other story you’ve read!

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Cover Reveal – Earning Her Trust by Adore Ian

Earning Her Trust Cover

Title: Earning Her Trust
Series: Braxton Arcade #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance (New Adult)
Release Date: October 9th, 2018

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She ran from her past… right into his arms.

Marrin Braxton is scarred—physically and emotionally. As a result, she separates her college life from her personal life and makes a point not to trust anyone. Especially guys.

So when she secretly starts sleeping with her hot neighbor, Damian Wane, she makes it clear it’s just sex. Good, kinky sex.

And boy, is it kinky. In the bedroom, Damian is everything Marrin needs. He’s dominant, bossy, and says the filthiest things. Damian makes her submit in ways she never thought possible, and when he’s in charge, she’s able to let go of her need for control and just be.

But it’s how Damian makes her feel outside the bedroom that threatens to tear down the walls Marrin has built around her life and her heart. It’s a loss of control she’s not sure she can handle, and when a man from her past shows up to terrorize her, it’s a loss of control she’s not sure she’ll survive.

Damian Wane is used to getting what he wants. He’s rich, handsome, and gifted with the kind of soulful eyes every person, pet, and vegetable dreams of getting lost in.

After his first night with Marrin, he’s hooked. She’s everything he needs in the bedroom. She’s eager, submissive, and wants him in ways no one ever has before. But it’s the ways he finds himself wanting her, the scars he wants to show her, that have him unable to keep things between them casual. He doesn’t want to let her go, and he’s not willing to share.

But Marrin’s keeping secrets and Damian doesn’t want to be one of them.

If he can earn her trust, he just might make Marrin his. But if he pushes too far, pries too deep, he might lose everything.

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Adore Ian grew up in a mixed-race family in Hawaii and has loved steamy romance novels ever since finding a Harper paperback discarded on the sidewalk when she was a kid. She’s a proud dyslexic, a loud intersectional feminist, and a lover of standard poodles. She lives with her manfriend on the east coast where she spends too much time bunny watching and not enough time writing. She believes the ingredients to good romance are too much smut, quality fluff and angst, and a dash of guerrilla sex ed. Her novels are best enjoyed with a slice of pizza and an ice cold beer.

Join her in the trash can. #iAdoreSmut

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Cover Reveal – Only the Positive by Elle Thorpe

Title: Only the Positive (Only You, #1)
Author: Elle Thorpe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Kassi-Jean Formatting and Design
Release Date: September 20, 2018
I made a mistake that might have ruined someone’s life. I’ve moved to Sydney to avoid the glares and the questions from the people back home, but there’s one thing I can’t run from—the guilt and pain that follows me relentlessly. All I can do is dull it with alcohol and casual sex. But then my new boss, Mr Dark and Delicious, deserted me, mid kiss, with my skirt hiked up and my shirt discarded on the alley floor. I should hate him―him and the secrets he’s keeping. But I can’t stay away. Because the pain and guilt he’s hiding mirror my own.
All she wanted was one night. That, I could do. I’m the king of casual. Love them and leave them, before they leave me. With chemistry off the scale, we couldn’t even make it home, both of us too impatient, ripping each other’s clothes off in the alleyway outside the bar. Then my phone buzzed, and one text message stopped everything. I couldn’t think. Couldn’t breathe. All I could do was run. I’m toxic, but I can’t tell her why. I can’t bear the look of horror I know would cross her face. But I also don’t know how to keep something so life altering from the woman I’m falling for. Not when I need her just to survive it.
(Please Note, Only the Positive will go live on ibooks, nook and kobo on September 18 but only for two days! It will then be exclusive with Amazon from September 20. So if you’re a non amazon reader, please grab it in the presale so you don’t miss out!)
Elle Thorpe lives on the sunny east coast of Australia, about an hour out of Sydney. When she’s not writing stories full of kissing and chemistry, she’s a wife, and Mummy to three tiny humans. She’s also official ball thrower to one slobbery dog named Rollo. Yes, she named a female dog after a male character on Vikings. Don’t judge her. Elle is a complete and utter fangirl at heart, obsessing over The Walking Dead and Outlander to an unhealthy degree. But she wouldn’t change a thing.