[Book Review] Playing for Keeps by J.C. Grant

This, ladies and gentleman is a book I found because I was going around on Instagram and since I follow some book-lovers, the girl was featuring the cover on her account. I went to the authors IG and followed her immediatly after that and then I got my hands on a copy of this from Amazon.

You should go and check J.C. Grant Instagram account because… OMG! The amount of quotes and hot pics related to this book it’s just huge!! and who doesn’t like eye candy? *smiles and licks her lips* Now… on with this already before I start drooling…

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Playing for Keeps

by J.C. Grant

Contemporary Erotic Romance publish date August 6th, 2015

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Living in LA and dating celebrities wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. I found out the hard way many had a lifestyle I wanted no part of.

Then David Taylor forced his way into my life. A sledge hammer breaking down my well crafted walls.

He was gorgeous and sexy and intimidating. I was drawn to him in a way I had never been to anyone or anything. And I knew I couldn’t have him, I was too damaged, too flawed to really connect.

David saw what I was from the beginning. A broken scared girl locked away inside an aloof woman. And he was determined to free me. To make me his.

My thoughts on Playing for Keeps

Totally honest, as usual… when I started this book, a few pages in, I roll my eyes at the situation. Bare with me a little… I read a heck of a lot and I have seen so many stories in my years that you just have to put yourself in my shoes, ok?

The girl was in a small store buying something and in comes David… and she practically drools all over herself just by one look. I have been told that this is actually possible, even though I have not experience it myself ever in my 29 years of life. That effect, nop, no man has ever got me like that but a friend said it was something she experienced before so yeap… the eye roll was just my none experience talking.

Kept on reading on damn… I mean, really? I just love it, eat up the whole stalker thing and even I said to the book “Hey girl, remember how he bump into you at the store? How on earth didn’t you thought that was when he program his number in you fucking phone?!

The author said something on Instagram and I agreed with her: David it’s NOT for everybody. Hence the fact I didn’t know if I wanted to make him kiss me or slap him because… GOD! that man was just… arg! I was jumping between being so hot that not even the air conditioner was enough, and wanting to strangle some sence into David.

Austin was a good female character for him. I like the way things went between them and how J.C. Grant made her strong but at the same time vulnerable because of her past experienced. What happen to her was just fucked up, really, I hate it.

David was just crazy… in a good way of course. His background and his own darkness where also good but what I loved what his insecurity about her staying at his side. Men like that never show that side of them, he did and I love him for it.

The story flowed very well and the plot twist where also well done for my point of view. However, and this is where I complain a little bid, I think their dark secrets where not presented well in the relationship with one another. To the reader it was good but I just couldn’t see it between them, talking the way they did about their scars. Maybe it’s just me… I think it needed a little bid more reaction, and what I mean by this is time, like when you are stunned after a revelation like that and you take time processing stuff… that kind of time. I don’t mean taking time away from each other.

The ending. J.C. Grant if you are reading this, you better hurry the hell up because… how on earth do you give us a good ending but leave us wanting for more at the same time? It’s not fair!

Do I Recommend This Book?

Ohh… It’s hot in here!

Are you ready to feel so hot that drops of sweat fall from your body? Are you ready to have a permanent blush and that you mouth gets dry 90% of the time before you start drooling? *looks around and lean in to tell the readers a secret* Are you ready to… putting it simple… stay wet for hours on end while you read?

If you are ready for all of the above than welcome to the world of Playing for Keeps. You will find a hard-core, bad ass, obsessive, possessive, stalker that it’s hotter than anything you have seen before and has a heart that you will not believe. At the same time, you have to know… David it’s not fit for everyone’s taste 😛


Damn my body. She was a traitorous bitch.

Is it my imagination, or did he puff up his chest a little? He put his hands on his hips, reminding me of superman. A pissed off superman.

I am the guy stalking the girl he’s in love with after all.


Austin: Babe. I’ve only been gone an hour. Last night was so sweet btw.

David: Sweet? Do you think you could give me my balls back later?


I have fun reading this book. It was scorching hot for the most part and funny and frustrating and a myriad of other emotions that rolled over me for hours on end until I finish it… and I have to say, the ending… (-.-) I want the next book, NOW!



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