#BRMondays – Willow by Kat Brewer

Willow by Kat Brewer

The Chronicles of Erla Series

(Book #2)

Kindle Edition: 380 pages

Published: June 24th 2016

Genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Time Travel, Action and Adventure

Kindle Version ~ Goodreads

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

A brilliant Physicist and a tough as nails Marine Captain team up to retrieve their friend Cassie from the other world.

Willow, Nelson and Cassandra were friends from childhood and had remained close their whole lives. When Nelson believes he has discovered the secret behind his friend’s disappearance he recreates the phenomenonin his lab.

Willow agrees to go through the Portal to retrieve their friend and bring her home.
When Willow discovers she cannot return home she blames Cassie. Will she be able to work through her anger and forgive her friend?

Can a US Marine Corp Captain, who fought against suppression and subjugation reconcile to a country where the customs and conduct is so different from her own?

My thoughts on Willow

WARNING: This may have spoilers. You’ve been warned.

When I first heard that Kat was going to re launch Here She Rules, the first book of the series, I was kind of worried because I’ve read it last year and love it. When she answer my email with the information that she had another book I was climbing the walls to get my hands on it, and she was kind enough to send me an ARC… Thank You Kat!

You have read the synopsis, so you already have a good idea of what this book is about, right? *looks at the reader* What do you mean you jump straight to the review? Well, go read it and come back *waits a little* Back already? Good, lets keep this blog post going then.

First thing I wanted to know right away was if Nelson, their friend, was going to have his own book, but that idea was quickly dispel so I’ve move on. Willow, on the other hand, had a problem with moving on, so she blamed Cassie for being trapped in Erla and this leads to a heck of a situation that I kind of liked how it ended…

Darien. Oh my Darien. I don’t know why I like him so much. Oh, yeah. He didn’t lie to Cassandra so badly in Here She Rules and is a perfect hot badass gentlemen that has the bad habit of falling for the wrong woman… and I was a huge Sailor Moon fan back in the day *laughs out loud* Wanna guess what happen in this case? Yeap… And Nope… Willow will not be his Queen like he thought.

This book felt a heck of a lot shorter than Here She Rules, in my opinion. Maybe because I already knew the world or because I was so engross in the story that I didn’t feel the length. Who knows… At the same time, this point was sad because I wanted more *pouts*

The conspiracies in this book were very well done. I was constantly trying to guess who was the traitor. I even pointed my finger to certain someone who had a problem with Cassie and Willow. *looks at the reader in the eye* I’m not telling you who! You read the book if you want to know who I’m talking about..

The fight scenes were, per usual, very well done. Not over detailed and with enough explanation that I could see it in my head as I read it. Particularly the scene where Willow saves Raven from that horrible man. God! I was worried for him and the Queens slave, Quinn. Good idea from Willow’s part to teach her slaves some self-defense moves.

Oh, Raven. That is Willow’s most important slave, if you want to explain it in some way. And let me tell you, I got the shock of my life when that purple eyes gorgeous hunk of a man was given to Willow… the Queens on brother is a pleasure slave, and it’s all hers. How cool is that?!

The sex scenes, because there’s got to be some sex scenes people. Willow experience some sensory overload in bed and I envy her like you have no freaking idea. So much so that I thinking of writing my own little fanfiction about it but I won’t… yet. I do have to mention that the sex scenes is not overly done, not extremely detailed like some other I’ve read and for this series it fits like a glove. That doesn’t mean I don’t want a little more and my imagination works overtime filling those blanks or making it last longer 😛

The writing was very well done in my opinion. I didn’t find any mistakes that were jumping at me from the page or something. Also the words are not complicated or overly flowery, or whatever, which I appreciate.


“This is a man who counted on his looks and skill to earn your affection. He lives to please you, to clean your home, cook for you and make your home life easy. You not only cut him off at the knees, you cut his balls of.”

“If she was big and strong to Raven, it was something that thrilled and not emasculated him. It was a hell of a thing to accept.”

“When I’m with you, I am taken by such longing and not just for your beautiful body, I long to know how you feel, if you are happy, if you are happy with my service to you or if you need more of me. When you are not with me I am lonely and it is unlike any loneliness I have ever known. It hurts me almost physically when you are not near. When you went to battle, I was afraid and not just for myself, I was so frightened you would be hurt and I could hardly bear the thought.”

Darien felt he was doomed to be drawn to women from that other world and they always seemed to prefer a slave’s touch to his.


FYI... I want moooooooooreeeeeeeee…

Go pick up Here she Rules if you haven’t already!!

I’m a Santa Cruz, CA native who now resides in rural South Alabama. In the grips of inspiration I can lose myself for days. I love to write stories with strong heroines that push past fear and insecurities and meet the challenges life throws at them.
I believe every woman has a fierce spirit within and that when we unite there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Willow is now available!
Willow: A tough as nails Marine Captain and a brilliant physicist come together to try to save their friend Cassandra, who was taken from our world through a Trans-dimensional Rift.

Upcoming books in the series are, in order:

Kendra: A High School teacher from Sacramento is taken from her life by the Rift. She finds her strength to become a Warrior of Erla.
Eve: Taken by the Rift, Eve sustains a head injury and is thought to be a pleasure slave.
Madelyn: Snatched from her life and a bad marriage, Madelyn finds herself embroiled in intrigue in a plot to overthrow the Monarchies

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