Weekly Reading Update (04/20-04/26)

We have been on self-isolation for 6 1/2 weeks now and I’m starting to get anxious. Groceries are delivered from the supermarket and some small items are also bought at the small neighborhood store that’s a block away from the house.

The government sent stimulus money to those in need and that has been the topic of debate these last few days. Some say that if you don’t spend it fast and on a supermarket trip, the government would think that you don’t really need the money and they won’t send you the next one that’s scheduled for May.

My brother and I are willing to go to the supermarket to buy with his stimulus money buy my sister-in-law is afraid that one of us comes back with COVID-19. My parents are over 70 and we are all living together for the time being.

In summary, we don’t know what are we going to do about the stimulus money. πŸ˜•

Now getting into the actual reading update πŸ˜ƒ

I finished Handling Susannah by Amelia Smarts and I have to say that the narrator was fantastic. The story itself was also great but I found some personal issues with something that happened almost at the end of the book.

I will read more from Amelia Smarts because I enjoyed her writing style, the way the story was crafted, and the characters in it. (Link to the full review at the bottom of this post.)

As a matter off fact, I already downloaded Catching Besty, the second book in the Mail-Order Groom series by Amelia Smarts, which starts a couple of years after Susannah married Adam Harrington.

I’m liking Betsy so far but I have my own reservations with the narrator’s voice. I also loved the blurb of Catching Betsy more than the previous one, it hinted to more drama to come.

I finished two books by Frankie Love this week. One of them has a review already up and you can find the link at the bottom of the blog post. The other one I just finished today and had a ton of fun reading it.

Muffin Compares To You is a short story. In 54 pages tells the romance between Jessa and Josh, two opposites that attracted each other and decided to give a chance to the possibility of love at first sight.

Fast romance, crazy Ferrie Wheels rides, and a whole lot of sexy romance. I’m already itching for the next one. Seriously, the series it’s binge-able LOL

On the newsletter front, I got distracted. Turns out that I have some stories in my head that I’m finally putting onto paper (well, a Google Doc). I’m also taking classes online and cleaning the house as always.

If you are interested in talking to me or checking what I’m doing, you can go to my Instagram or Twitter. On the latter, I’m off most of the day but I have the notifications on, so I will be informed if you reach out. 😎

Here are the links to the Book Reviews published this week.

Talk Dirty, Cowboy by Elle Thorpe

The Christmas Mail Order Bride by Kit Morgan

Snapdragon by Kilby Blades

The New Year’s Bride by Kit Morgan

Handling Susannah by Amelia Smarts

Pizza My Heart by Frankie Love

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Are you using a suscription service to read books? Which one?

I leave you with a big virtual hug.
Be strong, be safe, and read on.

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